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Published 21 января 2021, 13:36

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10 news from outside the Moscow MKAD Ring Road: January 21

21 января 2021, 13:36
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They say that there is no life beyond the Moscow Ring Road. However, the life of the regions is filled with a mass of resonant events. The most interesting news of the day can be found in the publications of the 1MediaInvest holding and in the selection of Novye Izvestia.
Moscow region

High-profile case

Today, January 21, in the Central District Court of Volgograd, a hearing began on the murder of Roman Grebenyuk due to a conflict in the parent's chat. The accused are Arsen Melkonyan, his sister Anna Melkonyan and her husband Arman Smbatyan. According to, Arsen Melkonyan brought a poster to the courtroom with the inscription: “Judge me by the law, and not because the victims have connections with the high-ranking officials”. He also took all the blame and asked to release two other defendants in the case. However, all three of the previously elected preventive measures were extended.

On the verge of bankruptcy

The last large drilling company in the Orenburg region, Oren-Oil, is on the verge of bankruptcy, reports. The ROSTA corporation, which owns the ROSTA-Nefteprodukt petrol station network, wants to go to court to declare the firm insolvent. From January 15, 2021, Oren-Oil's bank accounts with JSCB Forstadt and Sberbank have been blocked.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

In Kazan, four people, including three children (born in 2014, 2016 and 2020), were poisoned by carbon monoxide in one of the houses on Solidarity Street. On this fact, the prosecutor's office organized an investigation, and the investigative committee opened a criminal case, writes Inkazan . The children are currently in the hospital. The incident occurred on January 20 and was not the only one in the city. On the same day, two more people were hospitalized with signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Their condition is assessed as moderate.

The myth about the inhabitants of Vladivostok

Residents of Primorsky Krai have denied the myth, widespread in central and western Russia, that they eat sandwiches with red caviar for breakfast. In social networks, residents of Primorye have shared real breakfast options: "cheese sandwich", "fried or boiled" eggs ... And some approached the question with humor: "In reality, bread has risen in price, you just have to eat caviar", "But in reality, eggplant caviar." “Why didn't they show the crabs running around the apartment? Where's the octopus standing in the kitchen making coffee for breakfast? ", - quotes the words of one of the local residents "Vostok-Media".

Craving for beauty

The convicts of Nizhny Novgorod were drawn to the beautiful... and reincarnated in the heroines of the masterpieces of world painting and captured the result in the photo, writes NewsNN. They drew inspiration from such paintings as "Parquetry" by G. Caillebotte, "Reading Girl" by Zh-O. Fragonard, "The Herring Woman" by V. Makovsky, "At the Ball" by B. Morisot, "Girl with a Pot of Roses" by V. Tropinin and others. What the prisoners were promised for such a performance is not specified.

New millionaires

The Sverdlovsk Region was replenished with 15 millionaires. But we are not talking about those who worked hard and built a business from scratch during the pandemic, but about those who were simply lucky. All of them became winners of the New Year's lottery, reports. At the same time, seven people are in no hurry to take the prize.

Greedy businessmen

At the end of last year, Orenburg entrepreneur Sergey Chernyi asked his colleagues to "chip in" for the construction of an infectious diseases hospital. However, they were greedy. “The people I turned to, not a single person responded, because they don’t care about this area and these people who live here”, - Chernyi complained. He believes that "officials who become businessmen will never be people". At the same time, according to, the businessman's acquaintances responded to his request.

Widow Kobzon's claim

The lawsuit of the widow of singer Joseph Kobzon - Ninel Kobzon against an entrepreneur from the Stavropol Territory Vagif Peisakhov was recognized as the largest for 2020 in regional arbitration. Reported by NewsTracker. The applicant demanded to declare the businessman bankrupt and recover from him 25 million rubles, which he owed to Iosif Kobzon. By the way, the court satisfied the claim.

Cottages instead of emergency houses

The Petrozavodsk authorities decided that the good should not be lost. Therefore, cottages will be built in the territories vacated after the demolition of damaged houses. Karelia got such an opportunity after the introduction of amendments to the federal legislation, Karelinform informs. At the same time, large families can also receive land. They can, but will they receive it?

A looming scandal

A scandal is brewing in Bashkortostan over the demolition of the bust of publicist and historian Akhmet-Zaki Validi. The prosecutor's office considered the monument to be extremist. In this regard, as reported by, the World Kurultai Bashkir has already turned to the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia. "The accusations against Validi, which have been repeatedly heard from different persons, are not confirmed by documents and archival materials known to science, including those from the period of the Second World War", - the organization says.