Posted 21 января 2021,, 13:44

Published 21 января 2021,, 13:44

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Lyubov Kazarnovskaya: "It is Russia that will show the world what it means to live without fear"

Lyubov Kazarnovskaya: "It is Russia that will show the world what it means to live without fear"

21 января 2021, 13:44
Opera singer Lyubov Kazarnovskaya opened her YouTube channel quite recently - in the spring of 2020. Since then, she regularly addresses her audience with comments on current events.

We offer you some excerpts from her reasonings about what is happening now from the video "There is no fear and should not be", which collected the largest number of views, almost 390,000.

“You have to be strong, strong-willed, powerful. And it is those who are powerful in spirit that I think they will overcome everything.

They will overcome all these nightmares that the so-called world government proposed to us, the mighty of this world, who imagined themselves to be gods and decided that here, in Russia, there will be an experimental territory.

Thank you, gentlemen, but there will be no experimental territory in Russia!

Probably, those who are interested in spiritual practices, who believe, who are strong inside, who read the right books, our great Russian literature, already understand and know that the light will not leave Russia.

Light will come here, of course, through difficult trials, through, of course, pain, through, of course, some kind of overcoming, but it will come here.

And I think that you and I will show the world what it means to live without fear, what it means not to be afraid, what it means to go forward holding hands and reject all these moments of violence that are imposed on us.

Can we allow our children to have distance education? Be vaccinated... So that we are all afraid to communicate with each other, to give a hand to each other and to hug each other?

But if we do not hug each other both physically and by our souls, we cease to be human. We cease to be who the Creator intended us to be.

After all, we are all a microcosm, we are derivatives of this microcosm, the great cosmos. We are particles of God, this particle of God lives in each of us.

And, probably, on this earth you understand this more than anywhere else.

Life does not consist of pleasure, of course.

We all have to work hard. We must all work here, in our souls, in our hearts.

We must hear and understand each other. And to know when we all need to join hands and say a resolute "no" to all that nightmare that this so-called "world government" offers us".

The entire video message from Lyubov Kazarnovskaya can be viewed here.