Posted 21 января 2021,, 13:46

Published 21 января 2021,, 13:46

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Mikhail Delyagin: "Biden will sweep away half of America and Russia"

Mikhail Delyagin: "Biden will sweep away half of America and Russia"

21 января 2021, 13:46
Russia, according to Mikhail Delyagin, is showing "signs of normalcy", which is extremely negatively perceived in the West, and especially by the administration of the newly elected US President.

The scientific director of the Institute of Globalization Problems, in an interview with the TVC channel, commented on the change in American leadership, explaining what Joseph Biden would do, including with regard to our country.

“The winning side does not have its own agenda.

Their agenda is either the one before last - from the time of Obama, or such - "take revenge on Trump".

They have nothing of their own.

Trump, since he really was the spokesman for the interests of the American people, plowed America so that now the meaning of the rest of the lives of Baden and Kamala Harris is to take revenge on him.

Not to do something ourselves, but to sweep away his legacy.

If you subtract the cemetery from those who voted for Biden, then Trump is clearly more than half of America.

But, excuse me, then this half of America must be cleaned out. Normal racial terror, normal legal terror.

... For primitive people, this is normal (the speech is about the fact that in the US they are seriously discussing the likelihood that Trump received instructions from the Kremlin on the day of the storming of the Capitol - "NO").

This is a really wild elite, against the background of which our year 1937 is a triumph of democracy and legality.

And let's not forget that Biden's nickname is "Chinese Joe" - and "Sleepy Joe" was invented to distract from this nickname.

He has already promised that there will be no pipeline from Alaska to central America to process the oil on his own - well, for environmental reasons. Of course - which means that Alaska oil will go to China and help it.

... The West has a task - to destroy Europe as a potential strategic competitor of the United States.

For this there was Ukraine, for this they will again ignite the war in Donbas. And, accordingly, for this they cut off the "Nord Stream" so that when there is a coup in Belarus, cut off Germany from cheap energy sources. That is, Germany will be liquidated.

This is the meaning of hysteria against us, specifically economic. This is the logic behind Trump's actions.

The logic behind Biden's actions will be completely different.

Firstly, Russia shows glimpses of normality, and we must be destroyed as those who demonstrate the possibility of normality, the possibility of an alternative to this LGBTish-ecological madness.

On the other hand, we must be destroyed as China's strategic rear, as a soft underbelly from which it is very convenient to cut China.

Head-on is scary, and the business is joint, but to go through Russia is wonderful.

You can watch Mikhail Delyagin's commentary here.