Posted 21 января 2021, 06:26

Published 21 января 2021, 06:26

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Ministry of Economy proposed to abolish tax on environmentally friendly cars

21 января 2021, 06:26
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The Ministry of Economy intends to include some transport tax incentives for environmentally friendly transport in a comprehensive plan to improve the energy efficiency of the Russian economy. Now gas-powered vehicles will be considered environmentally friendly.

With the help of incentives, the department intends to reduce emissions of pollutants, Izvestia reports. The transport tax for sustainable transport can be lowered or abolished altogether, as is already happening in some regions.

The Ministry of Economy also envisages the introduction of subsidies for cars with an engine capacity of less than one liter, and is also working on incentives for manufacturers of environmentally friendly cars.

According to a ministry official, appropriate tax policy and the introduction of financial incentives to purchase a car "with low specific fuel consumption or low greenhouse gas emissions can help change the behavior of consumers and vehicle manufacturers".

It's worth reminding that until 2019, emissions from transport from year to year remained quite stable, and over a twenty-year period of statistical observations fluctuated in the range of 12.8-15.4 million tons. But since 2019, Rosprirodnadzor has changed the methodology for calculating vehicle emissions, as a result, the annual amount of emissions has already become estimated at 5.4 million tons.

By the way, in the structure of transport emissions, cars account for about 97%, and railway transport - only 3%.

Let us also remind you that in 2020 Russia was supposed to introduce a unified state system of environmental monitoring of air quality. However, the plans had to be postponed for a year, since the supplier was not selected, and the terms of reference were not implemented.