Posted 22 января 2021,, 13:24

Published 22 января 2021,, 13:24

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10 news from outside the Moscow MKAD Ring Road: January 22

10 news from outside the Moscow MKAD Ring Road: January 22

22 января 2021, 13:24
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They say that there is no life beyond the Moscow Ring Road. However, every day of the regions is filled with a mass of resonant events. The most interesting news on January 22 - in the publications of the 1MediaInvest holding and the selection of Novye Izvestia.

Explosion in Tatarstan

The explosion at LLC Small Oil Companies of Tatarstan claimed the lives of two people. Another worker is hospitalized, writes Inkazan. On the fact of the incident, a criminal case was initiated on violation of safety rules at explosive facilities, which resulted in the death of two persons. It is known that the enterprise belongs to the sons and grandson of the first president of Tatarstan, Mintimer Shaimiyev. According to preliminary data, during the air test, a rupture of the water drainage unit capacity occurred.

Prevention of a terrorist attack in Bashkiria

Also today, on January 22, on the territory of Bashkortostan, FSB officers detained a 25-year-old malefactor who was preparing a terrorist attack. Firearms and elements of an improvised explosive device were seized from him. The edition published footage with a confession of a suspect who was planning to "blow up people."

Controversial vaccination in the Nizhny Novgorod region

The coronavirus vaccine has not been tested in Nizhny Novgorod. The Minister of Health of the Nizhny Novgorod Region David Melik-Guseinov said that six residents of the region fell ill with coronavirus after being vaccinated. It is known that in the Nizhny Novgorod region they are vaccinated with Sputnik V. The infected Nizhny Novgorod residents were not allowed to the second application, NewsNN reports. In total, more than five thousand people have been vaccinated in the region. By the way, Governor Gleb Nikitin was among the participants in the clinical trials of the Russian vaccine. He did not feel any side effects.

Omsk flayer is free again

In Omsk, a flayer who sawed off a puppy's paws turned out to be free - after the initiation of a criminal case, he was released on recognizance not to leave. The accused is registered with a psychiatrist, Gorod55 reports. Therefore, if his diagnosis is confirmed, then he can avoid arrest. It is scary to imagine how many animals can still suffer or die at the hands of an inadequate Omsk.

Children freeze at schools in Karachayevsk

But the students of school number 3 in Karachaevsk (Karachay-Cherkess Republic) are forced to study in down jackets. No, classes are not held on the street, but in an unheated building of an educational institution. According to the parents, the problem is not one day, and some children have already gone on sick leave after such lessons. Netizens are perplexed at how such negligence can be tolerated during the coronavirus pandemic. Writes about this News Tracker.

Two million rubles for a janitor from Ufa

And now a life hack from Ufa - about how to become a millionaire. Local janitor Yuri became a star after photographer Roman Filippov published pictures with him allegedly on the cover of GQ magazine. Filippov also spoke about the difficult fate of the janitor - an invalid became a victim of fraudsters and had to pay off a large loan. After some time, two million rubles appeared on Yuri's account. As a nice bonus - photos on the pages of this "GQ". The janitor closed one of his debts, reports

"Pyaterochka" instead of the House of Culture in Petrozavodsk

In Petrozavodsk, they decided that the local residents did not need the House of Culture, but the new Pyaterochka was just right. In the Solomennoye microdistrict, the area of the former recreation center was given over to a trading network, Karelinform reports. While the store's administration is recruiting employees, the locals are in shock. “Do people really need nothing but a store? It's a pity, it was a good House of Culture!!!", - asked one of the users of the social network. “The people need it, the authorities don't”, - another user answered her.

Swiss technologies will come to the sanatoriums of Kislovodsk

Want to lose weight, but can't afford a tour to the best clinics in Switzerland? No problem! According to News Tracker, a sanatorium will soon appear in Kislovodsk, where Swiss detox technologies will be used. 180 people will be able to lose weight there at the same time.

An ambitious student will run for the post of the mayor of Yekaterinburg

Kristina Kuznetsova, a 21-year-old student of the pedagogical college, swung herself at the post of mayor of Yekaterinburg. On the unique 21 days of the 21st of the 21st century, she applied to participate in the competition. The current head of the city, Aleksey Orlov, and 25 other candidates will compete with the student, writes Tagil

Rice for five thousand rubles appeared on the shelves of the Rostov supermarket

A package of rice weighing 500 grams and costing 5184.99 rubles appeared on Magnit supermarket shelves in Rostov-on-Don. However, the townspeople reacted to this calmly and even with humor. “And then they will make a 90% discount and sell for 500 each”, - RostovGazeta reports the words of one of them.