Posted 22 января 2021,, 15:52

Published 22 января 2021,, 15:52

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Run, Melania, run! Americans are wondering about the fate of Trump's wife

Run, Melania, run! Americans are wondering about the fate of Trump's wife

22 января 2021, 15:52
On American social networks, there is a lively discussion about whether the marriage of the former US president will survive after his departure from the White House.

American media and social networks could not help but pay attention to the behavior of Melania Trump after the couple left the White House. So, getting off the plane in Palm Beach, Florida, she, unlike her husband, who greeted both photographers and his fans, almost did not pay attention to them, passing by to hide in the car.

Thus, according to bloggers, the 50-year-old former first lady of the United States made it clear that she was not going to drag out her relationship with Trump and was ready to file for divorce.

It's worth reminding that when Trump became president, there were rumors that Melania had revised their marriage agreement. In addition, her former assistant Stephanie Volkoff claimed that the Trumps have separate bedrooms in the White House, and moreover, some of Trump's inner circle said that “Melania is counting every minute until he leaves office and she cannot divorce..."

Judging by Melania's cold demeanor at Palm Beach Airport, from where the couple went to their Mar-a-Lago residence, she is seriously considering a divorce.