Posted 22 января 2021,, 06:36

Published 22 января 2021,, 06:36

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Save the politician Mironov. Experts discuss the merger of leftist parties

Save the politician Mironov. Experts discuss the merger of leftist parties

22 января 2021, 06:36
Political analysts believe that the unification of the parties "Fair Russia", "For Truth" and "Patriots of Russia" is a logical process of consolidation of socio-patriotic forces on the eve of the Duma elections.

Yesterday's announcement of the unification of three political parties at once caused a lot of comments. So, according to Dmitry Ionin, a State Duma deputy, a member of the Just Russia faction, the unification is taking place “on the eve of the elections to strengthen the result in the 2021 elections to the State Duma. Walking separately for each person means creating the risk of “trampling on the same clearing” and pulling away votes. Note that the process is not over yet. The leader of the Fair Russia party, Sergei Mironov, is currently, according to my information, negotiating with a number of political parties to join the coalition. The result may be the satisfaction of the demand of the country's residents for a real alternative to United Russia and its policies", - Ionin said.

Experts who understand Russian political realities, whose opinions are quoted by the "Kstati" channel, began to argue with his opinion.

In particular, political analyst Alexey Kochetkov believes that the presence of the "Fair Russia" representatives in the State Duma does not depend on electoral moods at all.

“The stay of the SR in the Duma does not depend and did not previously depend on the will of the voters. The merger of the SR with Prilepin and others means that these left-patriotic ones turned out to be unviable and they decided to strengthen the "Fair Russia" imitation party. The lack of viability is primarily associated with the "artificiality" of ideology. With an attempt to replace the interests of the Russian majority with Soviet archaism, ”the expert is sure.

The idea of unification is old, there were a huge number of rumors, Mironov himself spoke differently on this issue. There is an explanation for this, says political analyst Natalia Yeliseyeva.

“The "Fair Russia" ratings are low, and in order not to go over the edge, when the situation becomes irreversible and they do not overcome the Duma barrier, attempts are made to come to an agreement and unite. It is clear that they would like to unite with parties that have a greater electoral weight. But these parties do not need the "Fair Russia" representatives, they are already doing well and dragging another party with a 6-7% rating on their backs is wrong. The unification of left-wing patriotic forces is about keeping Mironov at the current level. As usual, it will become the "fourth party", but the Duma may become a five-party one this year. The fifth party can have several mandates for the same SSErs and even bite off. Mironov will hardly be able to keep even the number of mandates that he has now”, - the expert assessed the situation.

Expert Yaroslav Ignatovsky believes that Mironov's party will only benefit from the infusion of "fresh blood":

“Prilepin is not only much more charismatic than Mironov, but also in his views he is completely specific, in contrast to the leader of the "Fair Russia". Yes, from an ideological point of view, this is a combined hodgepodge of left and right views, but they reach the voters and the average man in the street clearly understands what is meant by Russian Orthodox socialism, who is the enemy in this political plane, and who is the friend. What can not be said about Mironov, who speaks about the new socialism, and even members of his party do not understand what he means.

Therefore, with the arrival of Prilepin, Starikov and others in the SR, the party will receive ideological support and become, on the one hand, more economically oriented to the left, and on the other, politically to the right. Such an eclecticism of views is typical for Russian political culture and for political parties..."

The journalist Pavel Pryanikov, known for his leftist views, also believes that tactically this is the right move:

“"Fair Russia" is balancing on the verge of 5%, and the overflow of even 1-1.5% of the salary ("For Truth") and "Patriots of Russia" to it is a significant plus. Plus, "Fair Russia" will receive several strong media faces (which it really lacks) - the same Zakhar Prilepin.

For the "For Truth", this is a way to leave the political scene with dignity. The party did not "shoot", as it began to play on the field of leftist paternalism - which is tightly supported by the Communist Party. Moreover, to play with themes that leave the political consciousness of the masses - anti-Americanism, Donbass, anti-intelligentsia, etc.

She had to play on the field of the Liberal Democratic Party, Russian nationalism in the form of a circus tent, but there is simply no actor of the level of Zhirinovsky.

The latter is also interesting. The Liberal Democratic Party decided to leave the theatrical Black Hundreds in charge of this field. There was a period when it seemed that it was decided to write off the party for scrap - when attacks on Zhirinovsky personally (the same Kadyrov and the Russian Orthodox Church) began, but everything quickly stopped. This means that Rodina was not given a chance to make it to the top league.

There is nothing to say about the "Patriots of Russia". This is a field of bureaucratic, sluggish patriotism, without fire and without ideas. And so it will be extended for five years.

In return, it is likely that 2-3 people from the "For Truth" and "Patriots of Russia" will be included in the list of "Fair Russia" for the passage places. So all parties will be happy in the end..."