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Published 25 января 2021, 14:08

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Forgive or condemn? The network discusses the story of a police officer who kicked a woman

25 января 2021, 14:08
Social networks were ambivalent about the story of the Petersburg woman Margarita Yudina, who during a protest action one of the policemen kicked a woman in the stomach, and this moment was captured on video.

The video shows how the woman approached the security forces who were leading the detainee and asked why he was detained. At that moment, one of the officers kicked the woman, she fell to the ground, hitting her head on the asphalt. Doctors diagnosed her with a concussion, a closed head injury and a hematoma in the occiput.

And then it began. Some bloggers condemned the brutal act of the police officer, others argued that he was in his right, since the protest was carried out illegally, and the woman herself could injure the policeman, who knew what was on her mind? The official media even tried to lie a little, saying that the blow was not struck with a foot at all, but “just” with a truncheon (although this is an absolute lie!).

It all ended, thank God, peacefully and amicably: the policeman who hit Margarita Yudina in the stomach came to her hospital ward with flowers and apologized. Yudina accepted the apology and asked the law enforcement officer not to worry, noting that "everyone is alive". She said she still feels unwell and asked for a transfer to a hospital near her home.

“Because I have three children at home, they have no one but me, that is, I need to be closer to home. A wonderful attitude, the doctors are just wonderful, girls and boys, a big gratitude just from the heart... "And she added that "she forgave the offender":

“Because I understand that our young people are in a difficult situation. This confrontation is artificial... I harbor no ill will. I am an Orthodox person - I forgive everything".

But this situation also looks, to put it mildly, ambiguous, since the St. Petersburg policeman who hit Yudin referred to the fact that they allegedly sprinkled into him from a can and he got sweaty. However, the photo shows that his visor was raised up, and therefore he saw everything perfectly, notes journalist Oleg Kashin.

That is, the Russian police, even in such a situation, are afraid to admit their obvious guilt and by all available means try to justify themselves. This fact caused a violent reaction from bloggers.

Blogger Ekaterina Kurbangaleeva rightly suggests:

“The St. Petersburg riot policeman apologized to the woman he kicked in the stomach. She, judging by the record, forgave him. Will a criminal case be opened against him in this case? What if the protesters apologize to the police? Will the cases be closed against such repentant? I am so, purely hypothetical. Research interest. Can start a tradition: everyone asks everyone for forgiveness after each meeting. And all with their own ... "

The publicist Alexander Hotz sees in what is happening a generic Russian curse:

“Beats means loves. Margarita Yudina, a 54-year-old Soviet woman, willingly forgave the riot policeman who kicked her in the stomach for a bouquet of "chrysanthemums" and "apologies".

"Do not worry, it's okay. With God," she admonished the rapist who took part in the punitive operation to illegally disperse civilians.

The motherland itself could not better characterize the Russian person than the citizen Yudina. What a set of familiar qualities ..

Zero self-esteem - and the delight that “high bosses” apologize to her (“a simple Russian woman”). Who is she to give her flowers? ("Don't worry. Everyone is alive ..")

This means an indulgence for future blows to the stomach (which has already happened more than once). Enough "chrysanthemums" - instead of dismissal under the article for the rapist.

But for a glass thrown into a riot policeman - a prison term. Have you tried apologizing to the "cop" you threw the glass into? And he would have answered you: "Don't worry. Everyone is alive .. By God!" (It's kind of silly to dream about it).

The next time women with punches in the stomach may be less lucky - then the flowers will have to be carried to the cemetery.

Nekrasov once created a portrait of this "mother": "You are powerful, you are also powerless." "Power" is not visible yet, but "powerlessness" is full of pants.

How much does a battered woman need? - a little (deceitful) attention, a little (fake) remorse and (hypocritical) flowers.

And she already - melts, melts, calms the policeman, glad that he did not kill her, and therefore will not be fired ("everyone is alive"). Do not expect from her any complaints about the impudent dispersal of civilians. No self-respect and understanding of violated rights.

Slavery, "dissolved in blood, is indestructible, like nature itself".

"With God," citizen chief, beat us further! This is what we, the Russian people, deserve..."

It is clear that in any civilized society such collisions would be resolved in court. Here is what attorney Dmitry Dzhulay thinks about this:

“It got fogged up from him, yeah, a liar.

I'm not talking about the fact that this is not an excuse for kicking. He did not see, he just randomly kicks everyone in a row. With a running start.

In Art. 20 of the Federal Law "On the Police" clearly describes the cases when physical force can be used.

The identity was established, he admitted guilt, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the person of the head of the UOOP Muzyka S. B. recognized that the actions of the cop are illegal, Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is not an article of private or private-public prosecution, that is, the fact that a woman forgave him does not channel.

I see no obstacles to the criminal case.

It is necessary that the people detained at the rally yesterday come to court with flowers and apologize. And then they will be forgiven. Especially for trumped-up crimes for using violence against cops. If it doesn’t help, we must say that the visor ... that is, the glasses were fogged up, they did not see where they were going and whom they were beating ...

Even the pro-government public figure and writer Zakhar Prilepin condemned the policeman, though not without some reservations:

“The unreasonable policeman who kicked a woman in the stomach must certainly be punished. I say this as a person who worked for years in the OMON, was a squad leader, then a platoon deputy, and for all these years I have never seen anything like this, and even more so - did not do it. Although anything happened.

Now for the next thought.

We all observe how a huge pack of Pharisees, who for six years did not notice the dispersal of anti-fascist demonstrations in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye, the murder of Buzina, beatings of pro-Russian activists throughout Ukraine, general arrests, bombing of Donetsk and Lugansk, for six years, death of thousands - thousands! - peaceful people - and the death of hundreds, - hundreds! - children, - now, ripping off their throats, he yells:

- ... ka-a-ak can this be terpe? Kicked aaaaril? Get out! Get out! Get out!

Let's do it again.

The policeman will be punished. The woman will receive assistance and compensation.

But no one will uproot Donetsk and Luhansk children from the earth.

All your humanism is a bluff. Zilch and disgrace. You will never have faith. The antics. You don't feel sorry for anyone.

Go to Kiev and sing there. You do it best of all..."

But journalist Dmitry Kolezev found in this story a reason for very restrained, but still optimism:

“And this is how the sensational story of the Petersburg woman ends, who was kicked in the stomach by a policeman with all the foolishness and for no reason. The authorities thrust a bouquet of flowers into his hand, turned on the cell phone camera, and dragged the poor woman into the ward to apologize. We don't know his name, the face in the video is hidden (this is what a sincere apology looks like, yes). The voice-over asks the woman to forgive the guy, because "in general he is good with us". An intelligent Petersburg woman accepts the bouquet and says: "Okay, everyone is alive". Hulk guiltily walks out the door.

Probably, there will be no criminal case, and I doubt about disciplinary responsibility. Well, it happens, I kicked my aunt in the stomach, it’s unseen. And there was nothing to go to rallies.

That is, on the one hand, it still inspires a timid hope that the act of senseless violence itself is not heroized and, at least formally, is not approved.

But if the police officer is not dismissed (I am already silent about the criminal case), then we can say that his superiors and the state consider this behavior, although undesirable, but generally acceptable..."