Posted 26 января 2021,, 11:38

Published 26 января 2021,, 11:38

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Cossacks in the Urals have created a cyber squad to block obscenities in social networks

26 января 2021, 11:38
At the Ural State Mining University, a Cossack cyber squad has been created, which will search and block obscene language in social networks.

The patriotic cyber squad "MediaShield", supported by the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region, will include DJing experts, reports.

“We are looking for destructive content on the Internet, we browse everything manually, without any software, we mainly use hashtags. Our goal - the protection of our native Russian language, culture of speech", - the head of cybersquad Andrey Zamyatin told in the interview to Rise.

Cossacks-cyber druzhinniki will complain to the administrators and moderators about the mate revealed in social networks. The Association "Media Shield" was created on the basis of the student center of patriotic education "Svyatogor" of the Ural State Mining University.

As an alternative to obscenities in social networks, project participants are advised to create positive content. For this, students are invited to courses on "State Symbols", "Information Security", "SMM Management", "Photography", "Video Editing" and "DJing".

Previously, virtual patrols were created to combat "destructive content", but now the search for obscene language has been added to their sphere of interest. This happened after the State Duma passed a law in December 2020 obliging social networks to identify and delete messages with illegal content, which includes mat. The requirement to block prohibited content on social media goes into effect on February 1.