Posted 26 января 2021,, 12:25

Published 26 января 2021,, 12:25

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Khinshtein withdrew requests to initiate proceedings against the police officer who hit the woman

Khinshtein withdrew requests to initiate proceedings against the police officer who hit the woman

26 января 2021, 12:25
State Duma deputy from "United Russia" Alexander Khinshtein (pictured) withdrew requests sent a day ago to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office demanding to study the issue of bringing to justice a police officer who kicked a woman in the stomach during a rally on January 23.

Deputy Khinshtein wrote on his Twitter about his decision to "back down" in the case of prosecuting a police officer for an atrocious act against a 54-year-old St. Petersburg woman.

“I discussed the situation in detail with the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office. The policeman, indeed, was attacked before this, therefore he perceived the woman running across to him as a real threat, reacting harshly to her. This seriously changes matters, so I am withdrawing my requests”, - United Russia said.

According to The Insider, Khinshtein also said that he would ask the Rosgvardia leadership not to fire a contract soldier of the 55th VNG division, who publicly supported the brutal act of the St. Petersburg policeman.

Meanwhile, a day ago the deputy declared that a contractor who justifies violence must certainly be fired. He added that a man who admires how unreasonably they beat a woman who suits him as a mother “cannot, by definition, serve in the VNG”.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of St. Petersburg Margarita Yudina became a victim of a police attack. During a rally in support of Navalny, she saw how the police captured a young guy. She approached the security officials with a question why they were detaining him. Instead of answering, the policeman, dressed in full combat protection and a helmet, kicked Yudin in the stomach with full swing. The blow was so strong that the victim flew several meters and hit her head on the asphalt. With serious injuries, Yudina was taken to the intensive care unit. Doctors diagnosed her with a concussion, a closed head injury and a hematoma in the occiput.

However, when a bystander sent video footage of her beating to the Internet, and they turned into a viral video, security forces rushed to the victim in the hospital.

Representatives of state medicine easily went to meet them. In order to make beautiful shots of "police apologies", Yudina was released from the intensive care unit to a regular ward, where people with cameras and her offender were allowed. The security officials persistently urged the victim to forgive the riot policeman who had kicked her. They justified his actions by the fact that they allegedly sprinkled in his face from a pepper spray, and he "got sweaty." However, the footage clearly shows that there is no "fogging": the visor on his helmet was open at the moment of impact. After their visit, the victim was hastily discharged from the hospital, and she soon regretted that she had believed the false promises and agreed to forgive the aggressor.

“They asked for him all day. From the intensive care unit I was transferred to the ward so that the colonel could come. They persuaded to forgive, they say he is the best. Then the correspondent was launched, I was at a loss. In general, I'm a gentle person - forgiven. And now I think, I had to tell me - when all political prisoners are released, then I will forgive”, - Margarita Yudina told reporters.