Posted 28 января 2021,, 09:27

Published 28 января 2021,, 09:27

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

In terms of corruption, Russia is on a par with Gabon

In terms of corruption, Russia is on a par with Gabon

28 января 2021, 09:27
Russia ranks 129th in the ranking in terms of perceptions of corruption, sharing this position with Gabon, Malawi, Mali and Azerbaijan. In total, 180 countries took part in the rating.

According to the organization Transparency International (recognized as a foreign agent), which made the rating, in the fight against corruption, Russia uses targeted measures and changes in legislation that do not in any way affect the level of perception of corruption. Moreover, the isolated criminal cases that are initiated in this regard do not at all form a negative attitude towards bribes in society. The country still has a very high level of perception of corruption, experts summed up.

At the same time, over the year the country has risen by eight positions - from 137th to 129th place. However, the experts making up the rating believe that this did not happen because the level of corruption in the country became lower, but that a number of countries were simply deleted from the rating.

To improve the business climate and reduce corruption, it is necessary to ensure the independence of the judiciary, equal access of candidates to elections, the independence of the adoption of laws from lobbyist groups, according to Transparency International. It is also important that those who fight corruption are protected from any form of persecution. Another effective way to reduce the level of corruption in the country is to strengthen international cooperation in the field of combating corruption and money laundering, experts say.

Other countries of the post-Soviet space were significantly higher than Russia in this rating. For example, the Baltic countries took 17th, 38th and 44th lines in the ranking. Georgia was in 45th place, Belarus - in 63rd, Ukraine, although it decreased its positions by four points, nevertheless is still in 121st place in the rating.