Posted 28 января 2021, 10:12

Published 28 января 2021, 10:12

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Patriots from the cradle: how children and their parents are taught to love the Motherland in kindergartens

28 января 2021, 10:12
In addition to the fact that the children themselves are tortured with the propaganda of war and violence, the "educators of patriotic feelings" also treat their parents.

Only the lazy did not write about the participation of schoolchildren in protest actions these days. Meanwhile, the state propagandists themselves teach them the desire of children to express protest with their illiterate and rabid actions. Including in the so-called patriotic education. What, besides disgust and rejection, can the methods that the blogger Nadezhda Popova brought up in her publication cause?

“Seriously, how can one not become a conspiracy theorist, suspecting that enemy zaslanets have dug in at the top, who methodically and persistently do everything in order to arouse the greatest possible rejection of the concept of “patriotism” among citizens...”, - the author writes.

Readers completely agree with her:

- As practice has shown, the wildest fantasies from Panorama (a popular online publication that publishes fake news of satirical content - ed.) And the wildest stuffing fade before reality. - In our school for the last three years, on September 1, a film about Beslan is shown to children. Happy holiday, dear kids, yes. Then pop appears, then a lecture about the war and the feat of the people. Such is the Day of Knowledge (the 1st of September - noted by the editor).

- Make the fool pray to God... I have a feeling that the state bureaucracy is the only way to work, so only the simplest functions can be entrusted to it.

- Nervously digging through the medical record: “Measles were vaccinated! Diphtheria was vaccinated! Patriotism - was not!"