Posted 28 января 2021,, 13:15

Published 28 января 2021,, 13:15

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Scientist Gelfand against Senator Klimov: "You have to be responsible for your words!"

Scientist Gelfand against Senator Klimov: "You have to be responsible for your words!"

28 января 2021, 13:15
Doctor of Biological Sciences, bioinformatist Mikhail Gelfand extremely emotionally commented on the amendments to the Law on Education, adopted in the State Duma on January 21, on the Novaya Gazeta YouTube channel.

He also spoke harshly about the initiator of the bill, Senator Andrey Klimov, that several words had to be heard.

Let us recall that now, in order to deliver a lecture, scientists will have to receive a certificate from the ministry. Universities will be banned from international cooperation if it is not agreed with the federal authorities. Many scholars believe that this is the end of education in Russia, and call for a fight against the dangerous law.

And who has not turned out to be an enemy of the state in our country? In this sense, our science does not live in any ivory tower. As the whole state lives, so does science live in it.

After a while, plumbers will turn out to be enemies of the state when the sewage system deteriorates in the Kremlin. This is one side.

And the second side: since the end of the 2000s (is known) the idea that now you will publish your scientific discoveries in English in an international journal, they will read it all, and their technologies are developing faster than ours - and the question is, why they have it faster, they don't ask - and they will grab it all, make a "claw-scratch" - then there was no such term, now it appeared - and they implement it. And it turns out that we finance Western companies by publishing our scientific discoveries in their English-language journals.

I heard this idea from a person who served as the head of a department of the Ministry of Education and Science under Minister Fursenko. It was sometime in 2008-2009.

That is, this ideology, which comes, roughly speaking, from military science. We have wonderful secrets to keep or they will be stolen from us.

A dozen scientists are sitting on charges that are not so much rigged, but very crookedly interpreted.

When the results are published, they continue to discuss some kind of joint work, and they grab him somewhere on the border and plant him.

All this, in my opinion, is a philistine assessment, not an expert one, I am a biologist, not a political scientist or a sociologist - a continuation of the wave of twisting free expression, and, moreover, mainly in the humanitarian sphere.

Bleep what I will say now: Mr. Klimov *** is a scoundrel. You have to be responsible for your words.

If Mr. Klimov says that those people who object to this bill are conductors of Western influence, and he even, in my opinion, said more harshly - that they are following instructions, he deigns to talk to 600 scientists and educators and explain to each of them it is personally. Preferably - in detail.

And the people who were the drivers of this campaign, these people, in fact, are known. There are not many of them.

If this one... Now you'll have to bleep again... Well, okay, don't bleep, I bleep it inside myself, God be with him.

If this figure, say, Sergey Popov, a specific living person, or there, Boris Stern, also a specific living person, or there, me too, a specific living person, accuses me of following Washington's instructions, then, firstly, in my opinion, the Law on Libel has already arrived - because the implementation of Washington's instructions by Russian law is prohibited - and thus, he accused us of violating Russian law, and without the entry into force of the court decision, such an accusation is libel, and secondly - he's talking crap. Because he is pleased to present these instructions, until then. Until he showed them - he is a liar.

So I say publicly that Senator Klimov lied. Moreover, he lied malignantly, without any initial prerequisites, just to cover up his own stupidity and dishonesty.

Because the main problem with this bill, among other things, is that it is simply stupid.

The first three points of this bill repeat the existing legislation and therefore legally are meaningless and redundant.

The idea that it is impossible to preach racial, ethnic, religious discord - moreover, I absolutely agree with it, really is not worth it - is already contained in Russian legislation. This does not need to be repeated in the law on education.

And the fourth clause of this bill, which sets all these rules for obtaining all these permits, is physically impossible to execute, because the bureaucratic bodies that will have to do this and check will simply choke on the first step.

Because, for example, it will be necessary to renegotiate all contracts with all foreign teachers in all universities.

And the most interesting thing about this bill, in fact, is an explanatory note.

It contains just all these stories about the penetration of someone else's ideology, and all these hints that this is not about physicists, but about philosophers.

And then there is the history of the Soviet Union and Russia.

They start with philosophers, historians, then it comes to biologists, and then to physicists, and it stops there, because physicists are useful in the national economy - they make a bomb.

...It would be cool call Klimov to the debate - noted by Novye Izvestia).

Please, I am ready with Senator Klimov - it might even be fun - to discuss worldview issues.

This means that these will be scientific battles, moreover, scientific battles on his field, because we will not discuss the chromosome theory with him.

And I would expand it a little... I would bring some economist with me, and he could bring some biologist with him".

You can listen to the full interview with Mikhail Gelfand here.