Posted 29 января 2021, 13:16

Published 29 января 2021, 13:16

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Baza: the daughter of the head of VEB Igor Shuvalov receives 2 billion rubles a year

29 января 2021, 13:16
Baza found out that the annual income level of the 22-year-old daughter of the head of the VEB state corporation Igor Shuvalov, Maria, reaches two billion rubles.

She is the highest paid ballerina in Russia. She graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Choreography four years ago and now performs at the Bolshoi Theater.

In 2018, the then 20-year-old girl officially earned about two billion in a year, which is more than the official salaries of top managers of Gazprom and Sberbank. The data was provided to the publication by a source in the tax office. The publication was convinced of their authenticity from the information of its own employees.

At the same time, ballet is not the girl's main source of income. He brought her only 851 thousand rubles for a year of work in the theater. The main income of Shuvalov's daughter is earned by working in the KSP Capital Asset Management company. Her monthly salary in this company is about 172 million rubles, or 7.8 million rubles a day, almost a million rubles an hour, or 16 thousand per minute, journalists calculated.

The company is owned by Sergei Kotlyarenko, the family's lawyer, who is nominally the holder of its assets. Since Shuvalov himself is employed in the civil service, formally he cannot do business, but no one forbids his family to do this.

The company's net profit in 2018 amounted to only 63 million rubles, which is 33 times less than the salary of a high-ranking employee. A year ago, the company's profit was 90 times less than the salary of Shuvalov's daughter. KSP Asset Management Capital owns eight more subsidiaries.

VEB commented to the publication that Shuvalov himself strictly observes the law and submits an annual income tax return. Questions about such a high salary of his daughter were recommended to the publication to address directly to the company that pays her such a salary. The press service of KSP Capital of Asset Management completely denied that Shuvalov's daughter was an employee of the company and received any salary there.

"If a similar situation happened to an official in a state with a normal legal climate, it would be a high-profile case, since there are signs of improper remuneration - there are no such salaries. Obviously, this may be due to corruption and money laundering", - the chairman commented on the publication Board of Directors of the audit and consulting group Gradient Alpha Pavel Gagarin.

Shuvalov himself in 2018 earned only 71 million rubles. At the same time, his family owned an apartment in London, a castle in Austria, a villa in Dubai and numerous real estate in Russia, had their own plane (the publication does not have information whether it remained in the family's property), on which they took their pedigreed dogs to international exhibitions ... In total, the family owned real estate in 2019 for a total of 17 billion rubles (including the plane - 22 billion). At the same time, according to the declaration, the head of VEB and his wife over the past 10 years have earned only 3.2 billion rubles. In Western countries, this would be the basis for verification.