Posted 29 января 2021,, 14:10

Published 29 января 2021,, 14:10

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New victim of surgeons: fans of Demi Moore mourn her appearance

New victim of surgeons: fans of Demi Moore mourn her appearance

29 января 2021, 14:10
58-year-old Hollywood superstar Demi Moore took part in the Fendi defile during Paris Fashion Week and thrilled to the core the audience with her appearance.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to calmly accept age-related changes, and even more so if you belong to a public profession. In pursuit of the former freshness and beauty, people change beyond recognition, it hardly makes them happier...

It seems that the beautiful actress and beautiful woman Demi Moore also overdid it with plastic surgery.

Here's what commentators write on Instagram:

- I can't believe that Demi did this to herself!

- Perhaps it's photoshop ?! It can not be true!

- She was so beautiful, she just ruined her face!

- It seems to me that this is the worst plastic surgery of all time, or Demi simply has not yet fully recovered from it and went out to people too early.

- God, I hope someone will help her to restore her face...


Here's how plastic surgeon Danila Lupin commented on the changes in Demi Moore's appearance to StarHit:

“It is very difficult to say something precise, because it is still important to see human changes in real life. Especially because photos are often retouched. But, judging by the photographs, an unsuccessful circular facelift was carried out, as if the lumps of the bisha were removed, since her cheeks became more sunken. A temporo-temporal lift was probably done, as the eyebrows became higher. Her eyes also widened - most likely, blepharoplasty takes place here. And yes, there are few changes in the projection of the nose, probably there is rhinoplasty. But in any case, Demi Moore remains a talented actress for everyone. As for the changes in appearance, then with a high degree of probability she resorted to precisely those operations that I have named".