Posted 1 февраля 2021,, 13:47

Published 1 февраля 2021,, 13:47

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Question of the day: why children in kindergartens learn the most vulgar verses?

Question of the day: why children in kindergartens learn the most vulgar verses?

1 февраля 2021, 13:47
The quality of the poems that force the pupils of Russian kindergartens to teach does not stand up to criticism.

The Moscow philologist and literary critic Yelena Ivanitskaya, having learned what kind of "poetry" is taught in an ordinary kindergarten in the capital, was horrified:

“They say there is great Russian poetry. Is it really true?

...Children from the most tender years chant in kindergarten and at school crazy verses of someone's left heel:

Our President is energetic

he is well educated.

Knows the warrior fighters

our grandfathers and fathers...


We protect the homeland,

Serving her faithfully.

And any terrorist

We will never miss!.


We are not afraid of anyone

And we will fight with any enemy.

Heroic laws

We have known already for a long time.


We sing for you today

And we have one motive:

To congratulate you on the 23rd

We very, very want!


Ivanitskaya completely agrees with the statement that the roots of the current propaganda chants are in Soviet verses. Moreover, this horror is forced to teach not only in kindergartens, but also then - at school, but there, thank God, it is already more difficult for "poems" to penetrate into the personality, while the first 5 years of a child's life is the most important time when it is formed taste! How can you so cynically and brazenly deprive a child of the main thing? While receiving quite decent fees! ...Incomprehensible rudeness!

Here are a few more "poems" worthy of Dunno from the tale of Nikolay Nosov:

Didn't forget about youth!

He is the guarantor of freedom, reliable!


My father, is like all dads,

He also served in the Army,

The buttons with a star

He sewed on my fur coat.


Our dear daddy,

Even though you are our honey

But quite serious

And sometimes formidable.

Sometimes we are afraid

But we are always proud of you!

We congratulate you

From February 23!


One, two!

Three four!

Three four!

One, two!

What is this even row?

A squad of Russian patriots is coming!

To all heroes -

Memory, glory! Our turn is

Strengthen the power!


Present day

Try to remember

And keep it in your heart.

You are strong, you are brave

And the enemy is treacherous

Afraid to approach you.


We held a competition

And we wish goodbye

Strengthen everyone's health,

Muscles pump up harder.


One, two, three, four, five.

We will congratulate dad.

Defender's Day has arrived!

Wishes are just a flurry!"


The whole country celebrates 23 February.

I want to congratulate dad

He is the protector of peace and work


We are OMON - a special case.

Better not touch us at all...


As one of Ivanitskaya's readers correctly noted: “The Russian kindergarten is evil. It was, is and will be. Nothing changed. This is a hotbed of sadism and propaganda..."