Posted 1 февраля 2021,, 07:04

Published 1 февраля 2021,, 07:04

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Sex in the age of covid: dating sites now ask to post a vaccination certificate

Sex in the age of covid: dating sites now ask to post a vaccination certificate

1 февраля 2021, 07:04
Information that a person has already received a second vaccination becomes the main argument in favor of a closer acquaintance with him.

American bloggers share extremely interesting information on social networks: it turns out that there is such a phenomenon in the United States: a few days before the authorities announced the start of a new lockdown, people began to actively get to know each other in order to move in and wait out 2-3 months not alone. Similar things are happening in European countries.

Network analyst Vladimir Guriyev, who lives in Germany, dedicated his post to this unusual situation:

“I wonder what is happening to single people with personal lives now.

In Russia, of course, everything is the same as before, but in Europe - restaurants are closed, cinemas are closed, clubs are closed, skating rinks are closed, even, bitch, clothing stores are closed, really people have nowhere to go on a first date, but on the street after all winter.

Well, that is, like winter. Rain. But this is even worse.

It seems logical to ask "to you or to me" right after meeting, but, damn it, what if she is asymptomatic, and you have not yet been vaccinated.

Or you sneezed. well, just something got in the nose, and that's it. but how do you explain it.

Or is she like this:

- It's just a runny nose! I was ill two years ago.

And you understand that she is a killer.

Or, I don't know, people in tinder signed up, everything is fine, and he is like this:

- Well, come on after the new year, just do not forget.

And she:

- But it's January now.

And he's like this:

- Yes.

You can also show tests to each other, of course.

- Why are you thrusting this piece of paper to me a week ago? Couldn't you do something fresh for me?

But he couldn't. he already has bruises inside from cotton swabs.

On the street, by the way, you will not meet. Firstly, everyone recoils from each other, and, secondly, the hell knows what is under the mask, but the first, of course, is more important.

Surely right now, some cultural norms are breaking down with a bang, and we do not know anything.

Honestly, thank God we don't know, but it's still interesting..."


Guriyev's post caused a lot of comments, here are just a few of them:

- Just yesterday in the news it was said that those who are in the Israeli Tinder write in their profiles that they have already received the second vaccination have incredible success. Lots of likes (or whatever in Tinder) and messages. In general, I finished my career in big sex. Yes, and my wife does not approve, but theoretically I felt good. Considering that I had a second shot in a week, I suddenly realized that I had serious advantages over younger, muscular and wealthy competitors. While these alpha males were pumping their muscles and cockerels in front of the females, I quietly vaccinated and now it only remains to go down the hill. Of course, I will not go down the hill, but the very thought that suddenly I have such a head start in front of others is directly inspiring. I go and look at the surrounding males with superiority mixed with pity.

- Well, in general, in dating applications, in the column about dignity they have long written not "18 cm", but "there are antibodies".

- I went on a date, drank cold white at minus 3 in an abandoned stadium from plastic cups. Welcome back to your youth.

- But in the profiles on dating sites, you can enter new fields for a greater coincidence of interests:

Favorite brand of sanitizer.

Bloody traces from the mask behind the ears: yes / no.

When was the last time you were in the office?

Do you know what an office is?

- My daughter flew in from Moscow for 9 years. And her friend says to her - I will come to you to play rob only if you show me a negative covid test. And these tests are dofig in our family. And photoshop with color printer available. But only out of harm, I replied - and we will open the doors to her only if she comes with a fresh test and proof that after passing the test she did not go anywhere and did not communicate with anyone. This is how children's friendships collapse. Even sitting in neighboring apartments, they did not play the get together.