Posted 2 февраля 2021,, 11:19

Published 2 февраля 2021,, 11:19

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"Societal glue" from an early age: political educators will appear in schools

"Societal glue" from an early age: political educators will appear in schools

2 февраля 2021, 11:19
The participation of schoolchildren in unauthorized protests for the second week in a row made officials again pay attention to the problems of education of students.

According to Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov, the authorities plan to introduce a new position in all regional schools by 2022 - advisor to school principals on education and work with children's associations. Prospective caregivers will have to speak with children in their language, including discussing politics and participation in rallies.

Kravtsov believes that the introduction of this position in schools will help protect students from destructive influences. Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko disagrees with him. In her opinion, the problem cannot be solved overnight by the introduction of this position in schools. "This is a very superficial and wrong approach," she said at a meeting at the Federation Council.

The first advisors to directors will begin to be elected this year in ten pilot regions, in particular, in Bryansk, Vologda, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Sakhalin, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk regions, in Stavropol Territory and in Sevastopol. Future teachers for schools in the regions of the Russian movement prepares students, it became known "Kommersant". The movement was founded back in 2015 to educate adolescents "on the basis of the system of values inherent in Russia". Teachers and senior students will be able to try for this position. For them, a training program will be launched on the basis of the Artek ICC from March this year. It will run until August. The program is designed for 106 hours. At the first stage, it is planned that 2.5 thousand teachers will take part in it, while there are only about 40 thousand schools in Russia.

The main task of educators is to communicate with children on topics of interest to them, including talking about politics. Neither teachers nor class teachers have enough time to communicate with children today. Special attention, officials say, should be given to those schoolchildren who were previously detained for participating in unsanctioned rallies. Educators should be interested in the same things that children are interested in today: listening to the music they listen to, running social networks, watching for new memes, and being interested in computer games.

Vsevolod Lukhovitsky, co-chairman of the Uchitel trade union, doubts the effectiveness of the launched campaign . According to him, this initiative is more like another campaign for the sake of a campaign. He recalled that earlier the positions of psychologists, head teachers and other specialists were reduced in schools, whose task, among other things, was in educational work.