Posted 3 февраля 2021,, 09:05

Published 3 февраля 2021,, 09:05

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Elon Musk's prototype Mars Rocket Starship exploded again during testing

Elon Musk's prototype Mars Rocket Starship exploded again during testing

3 февраля 2021, 09:05
Elon Musk's SpaceX Starship prototype exploded upon landing after a test flight to an altitude of over 10 km. The company said that the main goal of the tests was achieved anyway.

The launch took place in Texas, from the SpaceX test site. The ship managed to overcome the 10-kilometer altitude in the fifth minute of the flight. After the ship turned in the air, took a horizontal position and began to descend.

The host of the broadcast indicated that during the supersonic flight stage, the company tested the stabilization capabilities of the ship. They tested, among other things, the outer flaps and the ability to hold a stable position of the Starship. To land, the ship returned to an upright position at an altitude of one and a half kilometers. But it exploded again, as in previous tests, even before it touched Earth. The flight of the ship takes only 6 minutes 26 seconds.

- The second great flight to an altitude of 10 kilometers: we demonstrated the ability to switch engines to a fuel tank intended for landing. The supersonic return looked great ... we still need to work on the landing a little more, ”the host said and added that the main goal of the test was to control the ship during the supersonic return, and this goal was still achieved.

The flight was supposed to take place two weeks ago, but was postponed due to the need to replace two of the three units.

Recall that in the last failed test test of Starship, the company declared success: the prototype fulfilled all the tasks assigned to it. Then the cause of the accident was not an engine malfunction, but a low fuel pressure in the small tank in the bow of the ship, which made the landing speed too high. However, it is worth noting that then the head of the company, Elon Musk, estimated a successful landing by only one third.

At the same time, in social networks, many noted not without gloating that Elon Musk had already learned a thing or two from Dmitry Rogozin, who heads Roscosmos and had not yet noted any significant achievements, but only scandals, for example, around the inglorious construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome. So Musk, like Rogozin, is already wishful thinking, skeptics reacted.