Posted 3 февраля 2021,, 08:27

Published 3 февраля 2021,, 08:27

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The number of problem apartments in the secondary market has grown to 30%

The number of problem apartments in the secondary market has grown to 30%

3 февраля 2021, 08:27
Фото: РБК
The number of proposals for the sale of apartments with problematic documents in the secondary housing market in Russia has grown over six months by 15% - up to 30% in total. Buying such a home is extremely risky for buyers.

Against the background of growing demand for housing, "secondary housing" has already risen in price by 8%. At the same time, high-quality offers are quickly “washed out” from the real estate market, and the number of objects with problematic documentation is growing. Experts warn that when buying a home with dubious documents, buyers can face serious trouble, up to and including loss of ownership.

“Over the six months, the number of problem real estate objects in the secondary housing market identified at the stage of their due diligence has grown by an average of 15% in the total supply. Now up to 30% of all offered apartments are problematic. Basically, these are apartments with debts on mortgages and for housing and communal services or owned by citizens who are at the stage of bankruptcy”, - TASS quotes the words of Ildar Khusainov, director of the federal company “Etazhi”.

Realtors note that many sellers try to hide hidden risks from buyers, but some do not really know about them.

A special risk group are apartments that are pledged by banks. They require special attention, since the burden must be removed in order to sell them. Special attention should also be paid to housing that is encumbered by banks and purchased with the involvement of maternity capital. Fresh legacy, fresh sales and donation agreements and donation agreements bear some risks. With their help, people who are on the verge of bankruptcy are trying to improve their financial situation.

Against the backdrop of a boom in consumer demand for housing in the second half of 2020, the number of high-quality offers on the market decreased. A significant proportion is now made up of offers for sale based on court decisions.

“Most of the apartments have outstanding mortgages, people cannot cope with payments”, - notes Alexey Klyshin, a real estate lawyer and founder of the Landl real estate agency.

The deficit of good-quality housing offers is especially strong in the capital. According to realtors, in the old borders of Moscow in the price category up to 5 million rubles, there are no objects left without a complex history of property transfers, with the exception of rooms and shares.

About 1.5 million apartments are sold annually on the secondary market in Russia. Experts associate the drop in supply, first of all, with a record decrease in mortgage rates, a lack of supply in the primary market and the explosive activity of private investors who rushed to invest in square meters amid a sharp drop in rates on bank deposits.