Posted 3 февраля 2021, 16:42

Published 3 февраля 2021, 16:42

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Theatergoers - about Serebrennikov's departure: "This is how they finished off one of the best theaters in the country!"

3 февраля 2021, 16:42
Fans of the director and the “Gogol Center”, which he created, recall that in eight years 60 wonderful performances were staged there.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the Moscow Department of Culture will not renew the contract with the creator and chief director of Gogol Center Kirill Serebrennikov. On February 2, this theater celebrated its eighth anniversary. Recall that it was created in a record six months on the ruins of the Gogol Theater, which completely lost its audience popularity after the collapse of the USSR. At the very end of the evening, Serebrennikov went on stage and delivered his probably last speech within the walls of the theater he created, and the audience did not yet know what had happened.

Here is what journalist Arina Borodina writes about this:

“I believe that this is the final settlement of the authorities in the Seventh Studio case, they waited for the official end of the contract and decided not to renew it. Jesuitism.

Over the years, over a million viewers have visited the theater. 60 premiere performances and what! The next birthday of the theater on February 2 - a cascade of talented performances of artists and a very warm atmosphere of the hall. Awards and applause.

Favorite "Gogol Center" and a very talented director, artistic director and person Kirill Serebrennikov..."

Theatrical figure Marina Shimadina was not surprised by this sad event:

“And I, alas, am not surprised by this either. Today you have to be prepared for the worst ... But those were eight bright years that cannot be erased from history. Kirill Serebrennikov managed to do a lot, created a unique theater and place of power, and most importantly - showed that you can not be afraid and be free, even under house arrest!".

Journalist Sergey Nikolaevich admitted that the outstanding actress Alla Demidova advised him to go to this evening, as if she had a presentiment of Serebrennikov's departure:

“Alla Sergeyevna Demidova told me: “You must definitely go to the Gogol Center on February 2”. And she added: "Maybe this birthday will be the last time." For so many years one could get used to the fact that the Theater is always dramas, exaggerated suffering, exaggerated gestures, tragic whispers and screams. Yesterday we did without it. Rather, it was even fun and carefree. And Kirill Serebrennikov behaved perfectly. This is generally his property: the worse things are, the more serene the smile. The more unbearable the circumstances, the calmer his tone. And all these numbers that he cited in his final speech, and all these songs that his actors sang - echoes of some other life sounded throughout everything, to which we said goodbye yesterday. The musicians on the stage played exaggeratedly bravely Smile - Chaplin's beautiful and sad melody. And every time they entered, my heart sank. Is it really the last time?

Eight and a half years of happiness, love, grief... How much is connected with this hall, with this foyer, with this red door leading to Kirill's study. Whole life!

I don't know what will happen next. What will become of all the plans of the Gogol Center, which TASS reported yesterday? I really hope that Kirill will be allowed to complete them. This is also his important quality: he never leaves anything halfway, and he always succeeded. I am sure it will be so this time. And in general smile!

Life in art cannot end due to the fact that some piece of paper is missing someone's signature. Even if these pieces of paper are called "labor agreement". Sit with them hugging, re-read them at night, rejoice at your little victory and the fact that one of the most talented theaters of our time has finished off with your hands and intrigues. “Strength is right. Only your children will curse you for me".

Journalist Andrey Zbarsky makes an important generalization:

“It seems that Russia is a country of vain achievements, while others, making mistakes, rolling back, with difficulty, but moving forward, movement in a circle prevails here, maybe along a slightly expanding spiral in a swamp. How many wonderful things, done for the first time and for glory, after a short time, are buried, buried, drowned, very often together with the creator; at best, it remains the property of a narrow circle of professionals, almost without changing anything in life, in a particular field of activity..."