Posted 4 февраля 2021,, 10:11

Published 4 февраля 2021,, 10:11

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Forecasters predicted "super-anomalous cold" in Moscow

Forecasters predicted "super-anomalous cold" in Moscow

4 февраля 2021, 10:11
Next week, frost will come to Moscow, which has not been observed for a decade. For example, on Tuesday night air temperature in the capital will be -20-30 degrees.

"On Monday and Tuesday, a Scandinavian cyclone will come out, the northern draft of the winds will remain, plus radiation cooling is switched on. Therefore, on Monday night -21-26, in the region up to -29 ° C. Daytime -15-20 ° C", - quotes RIA Novosti the words of the leading expert of the weather center "Phobos" Yevgeny Tishkovts.

The forecaster noted that on Tuesday afternoon the thermometer will drop to -16-21 degrees.

"This is super abnormal with a temperature background 15-20 degrees below the climatic norm in February. We have not had such frosts in Moscow for almost 10 years", - the expert admitted.

On Friday, the temperature will reach -9-14 degrees. On Saturday night, it will drop even lower - to -15-22 at night, and in the afternoon - to -12-17. On Sunday night it is expected -17-22, and in the afternoon - up to -12-18.

According to the leading specialist of Phobos, Mikhail Leus, the spring heat will not come to the central regions of the country until the end of March.