Posted 4 февраля 2021,, 12:32

Published 4 февраля 2021,, 12:32

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Nothing more to celebrate? St. Petersburg will have its own Jailer's Day - March 12

Nothing more to celebrate? St. Petersburg will have its own Jailer's Day - March 12

4 февраля 2021, 12:32
At the same time, the country already has an official Day of SIZO (Detention center) and Prison Workers, which is celebrated on October 31.

The Governor of St. Petersburg has submitted to the Legislative Assembly of the city a bill on the addition of another Day of the Jailer - March 12 - to the Law "On St. Petersburg Holidays". At the suggestion of Beglov, it will be called the "Day of the employee of the penal system." It was on March 12, 1879 that Emperor Alexander II signed a decree on the formation of the prison department.

This idea aroused indignation among the head of the Yabloko faction in the St. Petersburg parliament, Boris Vishnevsky:

“The Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov submitted to the Legislative Assembly a draft law on the celebration of a new city holiday. Now on March 12 it is proposed to celebrate the "Day of the guard". The name, of course, is slightly different - "Day of the employee of the penal system". The corresponding festive events will be held at the expense of the budget. This is called - "finally, I found the time and place".

It is curious in this regard to recall that in Russia the federal day of the jailer already exists, it is celebrated on October 31 - it is officially called the Day of employees of pre-trial detention centers (SIZO) and prisons is celebrated in Russia and established by order of the director of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN).

But this is not enough for Beglov, lawyer Yulia Nikolayeva writes in her blog:

There is also a separate Day of the Prosecutor's Office (January 12),

Public Security Police Day (February 12),

Transport Police Day (February 18),

Day of the worker of drug control authorities (March 11),

Day of Economic Security Units, former OBKhSS day (March 16),

National Guard Troops Day (March 27),

Day of the investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (April 6),

Day of the operative of the penitentiary system (May 8),

Juvenile Division Day (May 31),

Tax Crimes Officer's Day (July 1),

Day of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (July 3),

Day of employees of the investigative bodies of the Russian Federation (July 25),

Day of employees of the center "E" (September 6),

OMON Day (October 2),

Day of Criminal Investigation Officers (October 5),

Day of Inquiry (October 16),

Special Forces Day (October 24),

Police Day (November 10),

Day of units for combating organized crime (November 15),

Day of Self-Defense Units (December 18)

FSB Day (December 20).

But there is no national Pediatrician Day or Cardiologist's Day.