Posted 5 февраля 2021,, 12:55

Published 5 февраля 2021,, 12:55

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Dekulakise of millions of millionaires? Why there will be no socialism in the USA

Dekulakise of millions of millionaires? Why there will be no socialism in the USA

5 февраля 2021, 12:55
The maximum that supporters of leftist ideas in America can do is increase taxes by 10-20 percent.

Historian Sergey Volkov explained in his publication why the hopes for a socialist future for the United States, about which so much has been said recently, are not destined to come true:

“Recently, during a dialogue about the prospects for American socialism (I thought that, unfortunately, there is no geopolitical enemy in the camp, and in fact, “nothing will change”), I was reproached that it won’t change when many people suffer.

But here there was a misunderstanding of the difference between the implementation of the idea as such and the troubles in the course of its implementation.

Thus, the Marxist idea itself (delusional, like all leftist attempts on the natural order of things) that the worst, most unsuccessful, the most scum ("the proletariat and the poorest peasantry") should rule in the declared form could not be realized - already because the worst their position not just like that, but because in fact they were (the best were promoted to more prosperous strata or to the "counter-elite"; neither Marx himself nor the implementers of the revolution in Russia were proletarians, and it became possible to build a "proletarian" state only relying on the remnants of "alien classes").

However, the scheme of social preferences generated by it worked quite well for itself and brought a lot of troubles - from hunger to unjustified losses in the war (quite natural: when in the future the peasants were generally ruled by peasants, nothing else was expected: this gentleman in power is sometimes "kind", and a man with his own kind is always "evil"). A life-long experiment, of course, failed, but yes, many people (not to mention the most decent) suffered.

So when we talked about American follies, I meant exactly that the actual picture will not change, well, it will not be possible to "select and divide" there. And in order to at least temporarily build at least such a clumsy "socialist state" as Sovok, moral and psychological terror is absolutely not enough: several million "wrong" people must certainly be KILLED (without this - well, no way, nowhere without it was it possible).

Therefore, the news of the persecution of opponents of "progressive ideology" (I think, after all, somewhat exaggerated) saddens me, but not very impressive. Well, let there be about as many violent blacks and all sorts of "antifa" as there used to be "rural poor" in Russia. Well, let some decent people be gagged and kicked out of firms and state institutions to the welfare (and in their place - sitting on it for generations of "oppressed"?). Well, then what? Will millions of millionaires and hundreds of billionaires be deprived of their kings? That will not happen, well, taxes will be increased by 10-20 percent - that's all "socialism"..."