Posted 5 февраля 2021,, 17:08

Published 5 февраля 2021,, 17:08

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Today they have other things to worry about instead of human rights: why is "deep Russia" so cruel

Today they have other things to worry about instead of human rights: why is "deep Russia" so cruel

5 февраля 2021, 17:08
For millions of degraded, and millions of educated, intelligent, but very poor people, discussions about "domestic violence", "civil rights", and even worse "women's rights" sound like a description of the shades of black caviar in the blockade.

Lawyer Yulia Nikolayeva, who lives in the United States, commented on another terrible everyday story that happened in her hometown - Perm:

“The day before yesterday, a 26-year-old man stabbed and then beheaded his 21-year-old wife, who declared her desire to file for divorce. The woman at the time of the murder was pregnant with her third child, the couple already had two children - one and a half years and 4 months, both were in the apartment at the time of the murder. Having cut off his wife's head, the man took the children to relatives, and on the way back, meeting his father-in-law at the entrance, he stabbed him too. The families of the wife and husband come from Tajikistan, which almost always causes a reaction "ah-ah, well, then it's clear". Seriously? But I don't understand anything. The family lived in Perm, that is, in Russia, for several years, they actually arrived as children, married and gave birth to children already in Russia, he beat her in Russia and killed her there. And we continue to attribute this to their foreignness, alienation and difference in mentality. Not that Russia lacks a minimal system for assimilating immigrants. Not that there is absolutely no system for preventing domestic violence, as well as identifying, supporting or rehabilitating its victims. And not even something that many knew, but did nothing - relatives, neighbors, casual witnesses. The principle “there are rattles in each hut” in the context of any violence is not tact - it is direct complicity.

This story contained all of these components. But if migrant policy and the law on domestic violence are on the conscience of the state, then the non-interference of specific people in a particular situation is ourselves. A relative of the deceased woman admits that she knew that her husband had beaten the deceased, did not let her out of the house and did not give her money. She also says that the woman's father knew everything, but preferred not to interfere - "let them figure it out for themselves." He died too... The result - two brutally killed and two babies with a crippled fate. And this is not at all the Tajik mentality. The position "my house is on the edge" is typical for quite a domestic psychology. It permeates our society, and Tajikistan has nothing to do with it. Indifference, unwillingness to problems / troubles are a common feature of Russian, quite non-Tajik society. Because "there are enough of our own problems". So the mentality has nothing to do with it.

Seeing where it all happened - the "Zaostrovka" microdistrict - I involuntarily recalled my personal shock when I twice went there as part of an investigation team in the mid-1990s. Then it was the area of huts, drunks and endless domestic crimes.

It was officially called "Zaostrovka", but we called it Scandalovka.

The first time I went there to find body fragments found in the swampy part of the bay. The medical examiner immediately said that the emerging hand and leg belonged to a teenager. Further, the divers found everything else at the bottom, tied to a metal rack of an ordinary armored bed. Omitting the long history of the investigation, I will tell you the result. There was a company of young people of 16-17 years old, girls and boys, all high school students who had been friends since their childhood. The boys quarreled and killed one of their friends. They dragged a bed stand from the dump, tied it to the body and threw it into the swamp. The whole company saw and knew. The parents, neighbors and mother of the victim also knew. They were all silent. The leg and arm surfaced more than a year later.

The second story impressed me, very young, no less. All in the same "Scandalovka" in a private house, the body of a man with a slit throat was found. In the room where the deceased lay, blood squelched underfoot - the usual profusion when the cervical artery was damaged. It was evident that the murder was preceded by a stormy meal. Every single neighbor said that they had not seen or heard anything. Do you know how we solved this murder? I accidentally caught a mentally handicapped boy near the house, to whom no one paid attention. He spoke poorly, but if desired, he could be understood, and on the basis of his words, everyone else was promoted. His drunken parents, I must say, did not express themselves much more clearly, although they were not born with mental problems.

Why am I telling these horrors. And from them follows my next thought - "Zaostrovka" is not really Perm, and Russia is not Moscow. When we talk about any ratings in a country, we are talking about a sample of the most active and educated and calculate them from the general population. Remove from this figure children, disabled people and frail old people who a priori do not participate in any polls, and then add the percentage of this “deep” Russia, which the majority of FB users and the Internet in general have never seen before. And I saw that it is quite impressive in size... I really thought that after my departure in 1999 this black hole shrank, but everything suggests that with the fall in the standard of living, it only grows. And these are millions of those who have fallen asleep, and millions of well-educated, intelligent, but simply very poor, surviving people, for whom discussions about "domestic violence", "civil rights", and even worse "women's rights" sound like a description of shades of black caviar during the blockade... Fuck a man who has nothing to eat, your rights? With what fright would he sympathize with all these strange people who went out under the batons for some Navalny, who for some hell voluntarily came to go to jail?

They do not come out not because everything suits them and they are for Putin. It's just that they are busy with others - survival - and do not realize that there is a direct connection between the one who rules the country and their well-being ... this needs to be explained. Literally, on the fingers..."