Posted 8 февраля 2021,, 07:44

Published 8 февраля 2021,, 07:44

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"So sing Hallelujah to her": Vysotsky's great love died totally alone

"So sing Hallelujah to her": Vysotsky's great love died totally alone

8 февраля 2021, 07:44
Yesterday, theater and film actress Tatyana Ivanenko was seen off on her last journey. She figured in history as the muse of Vladimir Vysotsky (the poet dedicated poetry to her), as a great love. Tatyana Ivanenko was found dead only five days after her death.

Angelica Zaozerskaya

From the artistic and literary environment, no one doubts that the journalist Anastasiya Vladimirovna Ivanenko is the daughter of Tatyana and Vladimir Vysotsky. Film critic, the first wife of theater and cinema actor Alexander Mikhailov, Vera Musatova knew Tatyana Ivanenko well, although, as she told Novye Izvestia, in recent years she did not communicate with her:

"Yes, I knew Tatyana Ivanenko as a very modest, intelligent, proud person. In recent years, she was very sick, did not walk, and we did not meet", - Vera Musatova said.

Tatyana Ivanenko was found dead only five days after her death, as the actor and blogger Stanislav Sadalsky told LiveJournal:

"Tatyana Ivanenko is gone - Tata, as Vladimir Vysotsky called her. The actress was found dead in her apartment in Konkovo. She was 79 years old, according to information, she died five days ago, but the body was found only today..."

Tatyana Ivanenko from 1966 to the early 90s played at the Na Taganka Theater, where she met Vladimir Vysotsky. The actress was involved in almost every delivery of Yuri Lyubimov. It is known that Yuri Petrovich was strict with the actors, did not tolerate hack-work, and if Tatyana Ivanenko were such a bad actress, as some colleagues estimate her (they say, beautiful for the time being, but not Maria Ermolova), then with Lyubimov she would did not work. Theater and film actor Nikolai Sakharov explained that the actress was not in demand at a later time in her life:

"Tatyana Ivanenko has been compared to Brigitte Bardot, but she, of course, is not Bardot. The French actress made a revolution in cinema - it is not without reason that she was the symbol of France - Marianne, and was not only beautiful, but the first... and, of course, a real star. Tatyana Ivanenko, despite her beautiful appearance, always and in everything remained on the sidelines. I worked at the Taganka Theater, and I know a lot about her romance with Vladimir Vysotsky, and I would not romanticize this relationship. Vladimir Vysotsky did not want to marry Tatyana Ivanenko largely due to the fact that her status was much lower than that of Marina Vladi, and Vladimir Semenovich was far from indifferent to money, beautiful things and earthly fame. Vladimir Vysotsky was a real Don Juan (by the way, he brilliantly played Don Juan in Mikhail Schweitzer's film Little Tragedies), and like a true Don Juan he loved every new lover. When they say that Tatyana Ivanenko was more beautiful than other women, and even more beautiful than Marina Vlady, and loved him more than anyone else, then for Don Juan it does not really matter", - Nikolay Sakharov, actor of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater, shared his opinion.

Theater on Taganka did not consider it necessary to express condolences to Tatyana Ivanenko's relatives, did not take part in organizing the funeral, which is hardly correct. The actress devoted many years of her life to the theater, and probably deserved an obituary? The Guild of Russian Actors did not take part in organizing the funeral either, despite the fact that the President of the Guild, People's Artist of Russia Sergei Nikonenko, knew Tatyana Ivanenko well and even prepared her for admission to VGIK:

"I didn't just know Tanya, but studied with her before she entered VGIK. She was very beautiful and bright", - Sergey Nikonenko shared his memories with Novye Izvestia.

Tatyana Ivanenko did not remind anyone of herself, did not ask for anything, although she was in great need and was very sick, did not sell her talk show revelations, but this does not mean that she was against the participation of the acting workshop in her fate. Tatyana Ivanenko had a close friend - actress Marina Politseimako, but for some reason she only learned about Tatyana's death from the media, and did not even have time to come to the funeral.

Unfortunately, the actors forgot about their colleague, who preferred silence to SOS shouts from the TV screen. Vladimir Vysotsky dedicated these lines to Tatyana:

“How everything, how it was:

Both in the wings and at the station

You are like a bath soap

Eliminated and slipped away.

All my thoughts are confused

And wrapped in cobwebs.

I climb like beggars into bags,

For a half and for a routine.

Oh, you little thoughts, oh, little thoughts,

Oh, you cummers and brides!

We were unlucky with you and by hearsay,

I didn't believe it - what an evil spirit you are!

Only willows and flax, only baths,

Only bright days or moons...

There is your refuge, Tanya,

So sing Hallelujah to her

So sing to her, evil songs,

Resound her, all cantatas!

Good hymns or messages

Climb into the head more often for Tata