Posted 8 февраля 2021, 08:52

Published 8 февраля 2021, 08:52

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The price of Brent crude for the first time in a year rose to $ 60

8 февраля 2021, 08:52
For the first time since January last year, the price of Brent crude oil on the London ICE exchange rose above $ 60 per barrel. By 8:30 the price of oil with shipment in April rose to $ 60.05 per barrel, but after 20 minutes it again dropped below 60 - to $ 59.98 per barrel.

At the same time, over the past day, the price has increased by another 1%. March futures for WTI crude oil rose to $ 57.44 per barrel, also adding another 1% per day.

As Kommersant reminds, for the majority of shale producers selling oil at a price of $ 60 per barrel or more is profitable. As the newspaper notes, referring to Baker Hughes, in January this year, oil production in the United States increased by 9%, which, although it remains almost half of the level of production last year, but poses a threat to the global market as a whole. Following the US, OPEC+ countries may also increase production in order not to lose market share.

Following the oil, the ruble begins to strengthen. It is noted that last week it showed a slight increase, which continued on Monday. By 10:30 on theMoscow Exchange, the dollar is sold at 74.15 rubles.