Posted 8 февраля 2021,, 17:20

Published 8 февраля 2021,, 17:20

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“When they beat us, they were silent...” Are liberals fair to complain about repression?

“When they beat us, they were silent...” Are liberals fair to complain about repression?

8 февраля 2021, 17:20
Representatives of left-wing political views are indignant at the reaction of the liberal public to the actions of the security forces.

As you know, the Russian liberal community came out amicably against Yavlinsky, condemning the politician for allowing himself to criticize the convicted Navalny. Meanwhile, there is nothing reprehensible in this act of Yavlinsky, if you look at it from a political point of view: after all, Navalny is imprisoned not as an unjustly convicted private person, but as a politician who deliberately agreed to this, for whom this episode is only one of many in his political career.

And yet, this is not the first time liberals have shown such inconsistency. Today they complain about reprisals against themselves, but for some reason they did not complain when the authorities pressed representatives of other parties.

Journalist Anastasia Mironova recalled this in her channel:

“These neophytes are now under arrest and searches. Until now, only the most immoral people with zero ethics have sat in the dark, without ever going out into the streets. And all the smartest, honest, quivering ones in the early 2000s understood everything and left. Now we see the diktat and fuse of the neophytes. And arrests of neophytes. People who understood everything later than everyone else. Which to the last were satisfied with everything. People with ultra-low demands for democratic values, personal dignity, personal freedom.


It is completely incomprehensible where they were in the 2000s, where they were, when the same Limonov lived, when the anarchists were still openly walking, there was some kind of competition, the Left Front came out, rallied against the cancellation of elections, against the law on rallies, on foreign agents, when there was "Strategy-31" at least.

In 2011, it seemed that the most slow-witted had finally come out. I personally looked at them with affection: oh, you darlings, dashed off to Turkey, saved up for cars, finally came and it's time for you to open your eyes? But it turned out that there were still those who for the next 10 years could not figure out what was what. Now they are teaching us about freedom and democracy. I look and I just can't believe that anything is possible. People with a blank slate. They are convinced that there was nothing before them. That for 20 years no one protested, did not write anything, did not hold meetings, did not sit, did not lose his job, did not get hit on the head.


This is another result of the disconcerting mind. And Navalny is the beneficiary of this irritation. He instilled in the most dull-witted that they are the best and most worthy.

But the thing is that the best in our country began to appear in 2000. And by 2021, they realized that everything in the country had been cleaned up at the root and only one provocateur remained. Which, too, was suddenly rolled up with a roller.

You are not the best. You are the worst of the best. Neither you nor Navalny came out when they intimidated us, fired us, beat us on the head with rebar, imprisoned us, and tried. Why on earth did you decide that we will now go with those who have lived in this country for 21 years without regaining consciousness? .. "

Journalist Pavel Pryanikov completely agrees with these words:

“I'll take my example. The first time I went out in the fall of 1989 to Pushkinskaya Square, to the left faction of the Democratic Union. Was on the barricades in August 1991, in September-October 1993 (for those same "red-brown"). In 1996 - an observer at the elections from the Communist Party (in the Dolgoprudny City Committee). Then - in the DPA at Rokhlin-Ilyukhin. Already at that time it was proceeding. There was an understanding of our world around the age of 27-28. Now, if I go wherever, then remember those who died in 1993 at the White House, at the hands of those very brutal liberals, October 3-4 ... "

Journalist Kirill Lodygin also could not help but respond to this injustice:

“As expected. I leaf through the tape, and after two posts on the third: "yesterday we moved to a new reality", "terror"... what else is there?... "dictatorship". Well, etc.

You seem to have a short memory. I do not have.

93rd year, spring. On the streets of Moscow, riot police beat demonstrators. The demonstrators are mostly not young people, but middle-aged and older people. They beat old people. Personally, this makes a much stronger and much more depressing impression on me than when young people are beaten. The young, after all, are destined for clashes and fights. And the old people have already won back. But then they were beaten. And the TV, shamelessly demonstrating the beating, commented on this in the spirit that, they say, these people should leave the stage as quickly as possible, because they cling to the past, in their souls are slaves and strongly interfere with the progress towards normal life.

Then October 93 happened. Then they not only beat, but also killed.

Then there were rail and road wars in '98. This is when desperate people blocked federal highways and entered the railroad tracks. They were dispersed and beaten again. And your current saint, and then the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation B. Nemtsov, shouted from the screen that these people are encroaching on the integrity of the country - they are a threat to the state, and there is no need to feel sorry for them.

Throughout the 2000s, activists of various organizations were beaten, imprisoned and killed in the regions. I personally know people who were beaten with their heads on the radiator at the entrance, who were caught on the street and, having planted drugs, dragged to the police station.

In 2006, on the day of my thirty-third birthday, when I was going to go to my parents to celebrate their birthday, I went to Minin Square, where the National Bolsheviks were holding a rally at that time. A small meeting - fifteen or twenty people. I went over to say hello. And it was at this moment that everyone was tied. I was taken to the police station, where I was held until the evening, photographed and fingerprinted. With me I had a bag with children's things. They were dumped on the table, and a police officer was rummaging through the panties of my seven-year-old daughter. And a day later they tried me.

In the spring of 2007, a week before the announced March of Dissent, arrests of activists began in Nizhny. Armored vehicles were caught up in the city. I had nothing to do with the organization of that march, but at the place of registration, to my parents, people from the authorities came several times, asked about my location. In a panic, my mother called and said that there was a watch organized at the entrance behind the garbage chute - she asked not to go to them.

On the day of the march, police detachments caught the young people at the railway station and drove them to police stations in droves. Military patrols were posted around the city.

Yes, tree-sticks! If last Sunday the main pedestrian street of Nizhniy was blocked by several chains of police in order to prevent the protesters from passing, in 2007 it was buried and blocked with fences.

And something similar happened all over the country. I remember reading reports in LiveJournal in a state of daze. Even then, it was necessary to understand that this was all the norm. Understand and get used to.

So what fucking new reality have you moved to?!"