Posted 9 февраля 2021,, 08:09

Published 9 февраля 2021,, 08:09

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Another illegitimate daughter presented to the Prince of Monaco

Another illegitimate daughter presented to the Prince of Monaco

9 февраля 2021, 08:09
Prince Albert faces a genetic examination: a Brazilian citizen has filed a lawsuit demanding a DNA test that will prove that the monarch has another, third in a row, illegitimate child.

According to the plaintiff, the girl is now 15 years old, and she was conceived during a passionate romance in the early 2000s - that is, when the prince already had a relationship with his future wife, Princess Charlene. The scandal is reported by NewIdea.

The girl, who considers herself his illegitimate daughter, had already tried to contact the prince several months ago. However, the monarch did not enter into correspondence, delegating the case to his lawyer. He calls the accusations a "hoax" and claims that "there are no intimate photographs, no tangible facts that would confirm the reality of the relationship." The royal family's lawyers also said they are considering filing a counterclaim for attempted fraud and blackmail if the plaintiff divulges her story as she is threatening.

It is not the first time that the prince has been presented with illegitimate children. In 2005, Albert confirmed that he was the father of 17-year-old Alexander, and a year later it turned out that back in 1992, his daughter Jasmine Grace was born. In both cases, a DNA test had to be used to confirm paternity.

Rumors of a third child first surfaced in 2011, just as the prince was preparing to marry Charlene, a former professional swimmer from South Africa. According to sources, the future princess found out about the child at the most inopportune moment, while trying on a wedding dress in Paris. Then the rumors subsided for a while, and now they are again activated.

The couple's marriage on July 1, 2011 was not smooth. It was reported that the bride sought refuge at the South African embassy in Paris and then tried to escape from Monaco. Charlene's passport was confiscated, after which the prince's associates managed to persuade her to stay. After the wedding, leaving the church with her husband, the princess did not hide her tears.

Now the royal couple have two children, 6-year-old twins Gabriella and Jacques. They are the heirs to the throne, despite the fact that Albert recognized his illegitimate offspring.