Posted 10 февраля 2021,, 15:24

Published 10 февраля 2021,, 15:24

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Alexander Rutskoi accused Chubais and Gaidar of three tons of Soviet gold loss

Alexander Rutskoi accused Chubais and Gaidar of three tons of Soviet gold loss

10 февраля 2021, 15:24
Фото: RTVI
Former Vice-President of the Russian Federation Alexander Rutskoy became a guest of the new edition of the Legend program on the international channel RTVI.

During the conversation, he told about who "washed away" three tons of gold, what happened to the famous "suitcases of compromising evidence" and how he asked Vladimir Putin for the position of Lavrentiy Beria.

Rutskoi is the first and only vice president of the Russian Federation. He took part in organizing the defense of the building of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation during the August putsch. In 1993, he was acting president for a short time and almost ousted Boris Yeltsin from the post. In addition, the politician has the rank of Major General of Aviation, Hero of the Soviet Union. During his service in the Soviet Army, he flew over 600 sorties in a Su-25 bomber. In 1988, he spent two weeks in captivity by the Pakistani mujahideen, undergoing torture.

In particular, in an interview with RTVI, Rutskoy spoke about the fate of the famous "eleven suitcases of compromising evidence" that he collected on top officials. These included Yegor Gaidar, Mikhail Poltoranin, Vladimir Shumeiko and others. As a result, Rutskoi himself was accused of corruption, but after a while the prosecutor's office dropped the criminal case for lack of corpus delicti.

My assistant reported to me with a note in Lefortovo:“ Alexander Vladimirovich, all the cabinets where the documents of the interdepartmental commission were kept were hacked, and everything was taken out of your office. ” That's all. You and I would not have seen many “heroic” personalities [if compromising materials had been given a go]. They would have earned the capital punishment - then there was still an execution. Because they robbed with such admiration, with such enthusiasm and with such impunity that it was necessary to stop it”, - Rutskoi noted.

The former vice president said that he constantly went to Yeltsin, asked him to pay attention to the prices at which various objects were being sold. “The port of Nakhodka was sold for 200 thousand dollars. Can you imagine what it is? Bendukidze bought Uralmash for 500 thousand dollars. By the way, the interdepartmental commission did not spy on anyone through the keyhole, did not eavesdrop on anyone. We took government documents and documents from the presidential administration, and then we carried out an investigation, looked at where this money went, in what volume, what we bought with this money, whether it came or did not come. My hair is on end”, - he stressed.

Rutskoi also cited as an example the case of loading gold into a Swiss bank as collateral for a loan. Then they loaded 10 tons, but only seven arrived. “ How could you dry three tons of gold? I come to the president and report. And so he tells me that he will figure it out and so that I do not perceive it so emotionally. And I tell him that we are not rich enough today to allow three tons to disappear. I left him, but forgot my glasses, I go up, and there the door is ajar. Gaidar, Burbulev, Chubais are standing there. And so he was giving them a lecture there about the incorrectness of sending gold”, - he said.

Upon learning of such injustice, Rutskoi decided to write a statement to dismiss him from the post of vice president. He put it on the table for Yeltsin. He asked if Rutskoy could substantiate his statement at the Congress of People's Deputies, since only he could dismiss him from office by decision of the Supreme Court on the basis of the crime. “ As a result, he tore up the statement and threw it into the trash. Of course, I will explain at the congress - they washed away three tons of gold, and there was no reaction from the head of state”, - the politician said.

Rutskoi also expressed his opinion on the privatization of the 90s: “This is pure crime. When Chubais insolently broadcasts that our main task is to hammer a nail into the lid of the coffin of communism... After that we had to handcuff him".

By the way, Rutskoi also took part in the creation of the "Unity" party (now - "United Russia"). Together with him were the head of the Primorsky Territory administration Nazdratenko, the former governor of the Kaliningrad region Gorbenko and the former governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Nazarov. “ We were then all washed away from these positions. In 2000, when I went to run for the next term, on Saturday before the elections, a court was convened at night and I was removed from registration for not indicating the area of the balcony in the service apartment, thereby misleading voters. And in the morning they cross out the name on the ballot papers and give them a vote. This is such a democracy, such a profanation”, - Rutskoi told.

According to the politician, the first and only democratic elections were in 1990. “ Because I was elected, I remember. Nobody bothered me, I could go and meet people at the House of Culture. Today try to remove the House of Culture for a meeting with people, and immediately the call: “Don't give!”, ”He explained.

In an interview, Rutskoi also dwelled on the personality of Yeltsin, saying that in his mind was not the people, not the country, not the Motherland, but the struggle for power - "to remove Gorbachyov by any means and to rule." “ We spent an hour, two, three hours with him in wild polemics, in swearing. I say, what kind of biography is this - born, studied, married, minister. What is it? Do we really have no worthy people who can be appointed ministers?", - the former vice-president of the Russian Federation was indignant.

Rutskoi also told about the meeting with the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which took place in 2016. Then the head of state asked him: “Listen, why aren't you asking for anything? Let me find you a good position. " To which Rutskoi replied: "You know, you do not have such a position". When Putin asked what position was needed, Rutskoi said: "Lavrenty Pavlovich [Beria]".

And he answered:“ What are you doing?”. Me: “Nothing. In a year and a half, the word “corruption” will disappear from the explanatory dictionary in Russia”. He says: "I know you can do that". And that was the end of it, he didn't find anything for me and didn't offer anything”, - concluded Rutskoi.