Posted 10 февраля 2021,, 15:42

Published 10 февраля 2021,, 15:42

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Igor Rybakov responded to the insults aimed at him by Vladimir Solovyov

10 февраля 2021, 15:42
“The man, of course, is really stupid. At the same time, he has factories in Germany and Great Britain, so, of course, he is scared to tell the truth...”, - among the other things, TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov during a live broadcast said about businessman Igor Rybakov and his position on the protests in Russia.

The billionaire downloaded a videoanswer on his YouTube channel.

Vladimir Solovyov dedicated 10 minutes of his broadcast to me. Isn't it an unusual phenomenon?

Let's hear what he says:

“There is such a person - a millionaire or a billionaire, he must be well educated. And, apparently, with such a mad conceit, the level of his narcissism provoke even a delight. This is Mr. Rybakov. And these are the words he says..."

I didn’t listen to his entire seven-hour edition, but the ten minutes he devoted to me, of course, I listened with great pleasure. It's about everything: about the 90s, about the comprador bourgeoisie, about love for the homeland. There is a lot there. If you want, you can see for yourself, okay? And now I would like to talk about the main thing.

I have a feeling that all of us today are invited to live in a world of radical, extreme positions.

You have to choose: who are you for - white or black? No other positions are taken into account. If you are neither, you are not.

But such a discussion does not make any sense to improve our lives, our families. And it has only one meaning - to show the other that he is wrong.

And when so, then your set of tools is to humiliate and insult your opponent, move on to threats, and, then, maybe even embody them. We become hostages of this style.

Remember the famous battle between Purulent and Oksimiron? Remember how much dirty, nasty and disgusting they said to each other? But we don't live inside the show. And we are offered to take extreme positions and throw mud at each other.

At first, it can look pretty harmless - such is the verbal duel. But then the words become more and more prickly, more and more derogatory.

Remember the famous conflict between Utkin and Solovyov? They said this to each other on the air, I will not quote these words...

I don't know about Solovyov himself, but when I watched this skirmish between them, I felt Spanish shame.

When it was a rap battle between Purulent and Oksimiron, I was not ashamed. Purulent's profession is to go to rap battles and hard-hit your opponents. But this is all about the show and about people who earn money this way.

If we equip the world for the better, we do business, a public organization, a house, a courtyard, a city, a country we improve, then radical points, radical positions, struggle of opinions, clashes, name-calling, massacre are destruction. Thus, nothing can be improved or changed.

... I want to emphasize once again: people who label other people as "traitor", "quilted jacket" and what is worse there - cannot create anything, but can destroy.

These approaches, these behavioral strategies, if you will, are wrong.

What is my position? It has two points.

First: not looking for differences - what separates us, but looking for commonality, what unites us.

Set some big goal. For example, like Elon Musk or Jack Maa. Musk, at first glance, proclaims crazy ideas - the conquest of Mars and so on, but look how many people around him unite and they are enthusiastically engaged in this business. Rockets are launched, some of them fall, some fly - but what a phenomenal dynamics!

Elon Musk is looking for a commonality: what idea will captivate people who will start building rockets and, as a result, will fly to Mars.

Second: having found commonality, having found something that can unite people, one must immediately build a gigantic plan.

Any plan can be, but it must be gigantic in order to lead to mobilizing consequences for our society, our country.

There are only two principles, two approaches.

And these two principles are unattainable if we communicate, discuss in a radical rap battle mode.

Do I have a plan, "Mr. Fix"? Oh sure! Relying on the common, the same, the similar that we all have - love for our country, the desire to make it better, the desire to make our economy ten times larger, - to have more hospitals, roads, smiles ...

This is a general plan, a general plan. The specifics are very simple. Business, new businesses.

The necessary goods, products and services that are now imported from abroad must be produced in Russia - by people in well-paid jobs. I'm busy with this specifically. Social and educational projects. We really need to build new schools and gardens, which is what I'm doing. Rybakov Play school - kindergartens and elementary schools. Here's the specifics. This is how I love my homeland.

Friends, we are not on a rap battle, this is our life. The future does not come, it never comes, we always make it with these hands, ours and yours. That's how we'll do it - that's how it will be".

You can listen to the entire video response of Igor Rybakov here.