Posted 10 февраля 2021,, 16:23

Published 10 февраля 2021,, 16:23

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Potanin allocated 500 million rubles for the research of the Nobel laureate Novosyolov

Potanin allocated 500 million rubles for the research of the Nobel laureate Novosyolov

10 февраля 2021, 16:23
The founder of the Interros holding Vladimir Potanin allocated 500 million rubles for the development of fundamental science. On the basis of MIPT, a laboratory is being created under the leadership of the Nobel laureate Konstantin Novosyolov, in which scientists will create "smart materials" for future neurocomputers.

Recall that the Nobel laureate, physicist Konstantin Novosyolov became famous for his scientific work on graphene. Today he works at the very edge of fundamental science, combining the latest knowledge in quantum physics and biotechnology. The funding provided by businessman Potanin from personal funds will allow the scientists to work for 5 years, covering all the needs of the laboratory.

Novosyolov's laboratory will be the first at the Center for the Study of the Brain and Consciousness. Research is carried out at the intersection of physics, mathematics, biology, psychology. Scientists will use well-known nanotechnology for this and create new ones.

The important thing is that Russian scientists got the opportunity to work in their homeland. Head of the Center, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, physicist Tagir Aushev plans to involve leading researchers from different countries working in various fields to the project.

Vladimir Potanin himself is very inspired by the new project:

“We live in the era of artificial intelligence, the emergence of new, absolutely fantastic materials and technologies, and it is very important that in this strategic direction of science, Russia remains in the forefront. Thus, we create an important foundation for the future for our country and the Russians. Future generations will be able to translate this new knowledge into technology for the real economy".

According to Potanin, the idea to fund fundamental science was born in 2020. The businessman was attracted by the idea of creating materials that can be programmed in advance. On their basis, technologies will be developed that will reveal new methods for studying the human brain. Another area of work is the creation of interfaces between a computer and a person. The resulting "smart" materials can be used to develop so-called "neuromorphic" computers, the processor of which operates on the principle of the human brain. The researchers plan to create supersensitive sensors that will be used to study the brain.

In addition, each laboratory of the Center will fuel the others, and all scientific groups will be able to use the Center's developments for their experiments and research.