Posted 11 февраля 2021,, 09:58

Published 11 февраля 2021,, 09:58

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

And here it happened again... Senya, the corgi puppy, was injured on an Aeroflot flight

And here it happened again... Senya, the corgi puppy, was injured on an Aeroflot flight

11 февраля 2021, 09:58
A new scandal erupted around Aeroflot in connection with the transportation of pets: a four-legged friend of the editor-in-chief of the Baza channel, Nikita Mogutin, received a paw injury during transportation due to a broken carrier. And by the way, Mogutin paid ₽10 thousand for the service of transporting animals.

Here's what he posted on his channel:

“This post is about Aeroflot and the transportation of animals. I will immediately ask you to help me spread this information, and why, you will now understand.

So, in the photos below you can see the carrier - how it looked before flying on an Aeroflot flight, and how it looks now. A dog was flying in this carrier - a corgi puppy Yesenia, you can Senya for your own (she has all her own). Two walls of the carrier are broken, several fastening bolts have been torn out with meat, and there are traces and scratches on the body on all sides. The dog limps on its right front paw, and when I picked it up at the airport, it looked like it had been very scared.

Judging by what I see, the carrier with Senya was simply thrown, suitcases were thrown on top of it. For all this I paid Aeroflot almost 10 thousand rubles - we flew on a direct flight from Moscow to Istanbul. By the way, I was informed during registration that Senya would be the only dog on board.

Now I feel terrible anger and helplessness, and also shame - that, in fact, I myself gave my dog into the hands of people who mocked her. Too late I thought about installing a camera in the cage, I remembered this while sitting on the plane.

Dear Aeroflot airline and its leader personally: you can see in your system how often I fly with your airline. I fly only with you - because I was sincerely convinced that hellish incidents with other passengers were nothing more than one-time accidents. My personal experience has shown that this was a mistake.

The people who bullied my dog did it because she couldn't tell anything. My dog will not record a podcast, will not publish a post, she will not even be able to tell me about what happened to her during those few hours. But I can, having seen the consequences with my own eyes, write this post.

And ask them to share their friends, acquaintances and all caring people. I demand a response from Aeroflot and an explanation. I demand that those who mocked my dog be punished. I am sure that you, Aeroflot, will, as usual, throw off all the bumps on some third-party service company, but I will not accept your answer. I paid you money and gave the dog to you, which means you answer..."

As you know, this is not the first time that Aeroflot has been seen in incidents with pets: at the beginning of last year, two cats died on board an Aeroflot aircraft during transportation. The company, at that time headed by the current Minister of Transport Savelyev, readdressed responsibility movers in Sheremetyevo and reluctantly compensated master ₽3 thousand. Cases of neglect are not unique: according to available information, on average, through the fault of the airline in the last month killed about 100 animals.

“Instead of establishing communication and improving service, Aeroflot is silent about the problem and often uses bot farms to cover up the negative,” writes journalist Stanislav Sadovov. Thanks to the status of the state-owned company, Aeroflot receives an indulgence, which makes it possible not to notice problems. The company did not take into account the negative experience of Saveliev's management and secured the status of a knacker for the new leadership, which was inherited by the current head of Aeroflot Poluboyarinov..."