Posted 11 февраля 2021, 13:43

Published 11 февраля 2021, 13:43

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Bogomolov's anti-European manifesto caused a scandal on the web

11 февраля 2021, 13:43
After criticizing the article by Grigory Yavlinsky, the liberal public of the country attacked the stage director Konstantin Bogomolov.

As already reported, "Novye Izvestiya", more recently, a trendy Moscow director, now better known as the husband of Ksenia Sobchak Konstantin Bogomolov published on the website of "Novaya Gazeta" a kind of manifesto entitled "The Rape of Europe 2.0", in which he compared the ideology of modern Western society with Nazism... According to the director's conviction, a New Ethical Reich is being formed in Europe and the United States, which in some respects is even worse than the Third Reich, for it encroaches not only on freedom of thought, but also on freedom of emotions.

“The modern West is such a criminal who has undergone chemical castration and lobotomy. Hence this false smile of goodwill and all-acceptance, frozen on the face of a Western person. This is not a smile of culture. This is a smile of degeneration!" - for example, the director writes.

In this regard, Bogomolov calls on Russia not to be guided by current Western values, but to build "good old Europe" - the Europe "which we dreamed of" and "which we have lost".

This manifesto perfectly reflects the current extremely complicated relations between Russia and the West, especially since it belongs to the pen of a loyalist who, with his statements, seeks to further deepen these contradictions. That is why, among the vast majority of liberal-minded bloggers, Bogomolov's article caused an extremely negative reaction.

For example, journalist Andrey Malgin, who lives in Italy, writes:

“Today I learned that the husband of Ksenia Sobchak wrote an article in which he painted in black colors the death of Europe taking place before our eyes. Europe, he writes, is no longer what we knew it. Our task, the Russian people, is to return her to her original appearance. It is for us that the mission is intended "to rebuild our good old Europe. The Europe we dreamed of. The Europe they lost. The Europe of a healthy person".

As a resident of Europe, I want to warn the husband of Ksenia Sobchak:


Another journalist, Sergey Shelin, found Bogomolov's article stupid and completely unworthy of attention:

“Take Bogomolov. I am not a theater worker, but knowledgeable people say that he is a theater worker. The worker is a worker, and he takes my bread away, writes an article. Although I'm not offended. And not so much offended. Although the article is about America for some reason. I found the time and place. And Biden with him - Firs, and Harris Kamala - Ranevskaya. I think that now, after all, he will switch to Putin, and will ask him for a fair account. But no. On the contrary, with his silence about Russia he kind of subtly hints that our country is better than theirs. Although, what exactly is better, does not explain. That's the whole article. It turned out silly, agree. And it wasn't worth reading. And yes, at the end, Novaya Gazeta also added that, they say, everything is lying. There are techniques for raising interest when a number fails. But it didn't help. The trick failed anyway. And now explain to me why the intelligentsia got so excited? Nothing to do or what? We live so carefree that we are ready to spend hours on any crap? It turns out that Bogomolov is not so simple. Russia is indeed a carefree paradise ... "

The journalist and playwright Marina Ptushkina notes that Bogomolov "always blows in the right tune":

“To call Europe an“ ethical Reich ”, to talk about some kind of“ smile of degeneration ”of Western people? I consider Bogomolov's manifesto anti-Western, with the idea of a special path for Russia, which will create "its own Europe", which has already been imposed in my teeth. I don’t accept all this. The only thing I can agree with is his hint that the campaign of persecution for harassment is a kind of "strangulation" of free and understandable human desires and manifestations of sexuality. And it is extremely unpleasant that, in his attacks on Europe, Bogomolov coincided with a riot and a spat with the EU, which is now being carried out by our Foreign Ministry. Lately, this gentleman has always been blowing the right tune ... "

However, the director also found a defender. Thus, the famous literary critic and public figure Marietta Chudakova writes:

“Konstantin Bogomolov published the text“ Abduction of Europa 2.0 ”. In the complete absence of time, I carefully read the entire large text. Clever, talented and provides a lot of food for thought. Thank you, Mr. Bogomolov!"

She is echoed by the American blogger Vladimir Salita:

“Great article. I would add a lot more. I still live in the USA. In Russia, it seems, as Bogomolov says, liberals take as an example the West not even the pre-war, but the 19th century. In the States, liberalism began to die out from the time of F. Roosevelt, and now it has finally died. The meaning of words and terms has changed. Orwellian newspeak and control is no longer over utterances, but over thoughts. I didn't even expect such understanding and independence from Bogomolov..."

But the writer Sergey Besedin spoke more interestingly than others, having published a parody of "The Abduction of Europe 2.0", entitled "Finding Russia 2.0":

"Hello! This is me again, Konstantin Bogomolov, and my column in Staraya Gazeta. After I published my previous article, I was bombarded with important, but monotonous questions, the meaning of which boils down to one thing: so what? Che wanted to say something?

Therefore, I have to write an explanation for my kind and dull-witted readers.

So, I said that in the West "complex people" with their love and hatred, faith and doubts, reflexes and fanaticism were artificially liquidated. A new person is being formed - politically correct, predictable, sugary-tolerant. Thank God that in Russia, this reserve of immediacy, you can still observe the riot of spirit and flesh in all its glory. Let's open the headlines at random and read:

"A resident of Kemerovo had a fight with the figure of a cheburek"

"The United Russia deputy was caught cutting the rails"

"A man in a Ded Moroz suit detonated a grenade at the market in Kovrov"

What characters! What are the destinies! Each is a poem! This is not a lingering discussion of Harry Weinstein's harassment of film actresses!

The National Socialism of Europe was replaced by a new ethical Reich. You cannot speak out about race or gender without being obsessed and booed. Russia is different! Here you can freely call a fagot - a fag, a Caucasian - a khachik, an Asian - a chock. Isn't it wonderful - such a preserve of straightness? Especially when you call you, not you!

The West has developed its fake smile of goodwill and acceptance. As you wish, but I like our frowning eyebrows, frowning foreheads, sternly pursed lips much more. It is immediately evident that what a person has on his mind is on his face. Sometimes you even want to go up to some gloomy woman Lyusa, kiss her and say: “Oh, you, my dear wicked! You are my subcubus snake! Fuckin 'shit! Thank you for being so natural! That you are not a crazy feminist or an eco-activist! That you don’t make yourself out of yourself and don’t put on a fake grimace of happiness!”

And to be honest, it's better to get hit on the back with a club from riot police than to be subjected to Western virtual harassment on social networks. The back will hurt and heal, but the soul cannot be cured. It’s much more fun to languish in the detention center than in the Zuckerberg block. It's at least honest and masculine.

It's time to unhitch from this crazy European train, rushing into Bosch's hell, and drive our trailer into its own cozy dead end. And I sincerely advise the French, Germans and British to take places in our reserved seat. Our car, you know, is not rubber..."