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Published 11 февраля 2021,, 09:53

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"Ethical Reich of the West": stage director Bogomolov wrote a manifesto

"Ethical Reich of the West": stage director Bogomolov wrote a manifesto

11 февраля 2021, 09:53
“Modern Russia is certainly far from the Europe it was striving for. But the country obviously does not want to go to a new European freak show”, - Konstantin Bogomolov is convinced.

“Due to the coincidence of circumstances, we found ourselves in the tail of a crazy train, rushing into Bosch's hell, where we will be greeted by multicultural gender-neutral devils. You just need to unhook this carriage, cross yourself and start building your own world”, - the stage director said. This is an excerpt from a manifesto entitled "The Abduction of Europa 2.0", which Bogomolov wrote and, calling for public discussion, published in Novaya Gazeta. The material contains his reflections on events in Europe, Western values, Russia and the new ethical Reich. We publish it in fragments.

"... In the XX century, atomic energy, which is a man, went out of control. Nazism became human Chernobyl. The shock and fear of Europe before this explosion of primitive in man turned out to be too great.

Having freed itself from Nazism, the West decided to insure itself against a "nuclear accident" by eliminating a complex person.

That complex person whom Europe has formed over the long years of Christianity. The person that Dostoevsky described: both high and low, an angel and a devil, loving and hating, believing and doubting, reflective and fanatical.

Europe was frightened by the beast in man, not realizing that the beast is the same natural and organic part of man as the angelic. Unable to overcome the consequences of Nazism intellectually and spiritually, Europe decided to castrate a difficult person. Castrate his dark nature, immure his demons forever.

At one time, Kubrick shot "A Clockwork Orange" - a picture of brutalized young guys who, under the influence of drugs, terrorize London, brutally beating and raping peaceful inhabitants. When the leader of the gang is caught, he is offered to undergo experimental therapy for early release: fixing his eyelids so that they do not close, he is shown scenes of violence for hours to the music of his beloved Beethoven. As a result, the young man does not just get rid of aggression - he is sick of music, he cannot see a naked woman, sex makes him disgusted. And in response to the blow, he licks the boot of the striker.

The modern West is such a criminal who has undergone chemical castration and lobotomy. Hence this false smile of goodwill and all-acceptance, frozen on the face of a Western person. This is not the smile of Culture. It is a smile of degeneration.

New Ethical Reich

The West declares itself as a society “sharpened” for the realization of personal freedoms. In fact, today the West is fighting a person as a complex and difficult to control energy. In this struggle, the functions of the court, prosecution and isolation are not eliminated, but delegated from the state to society. The state, represented by the police and security officials, was “humanized” and “humanized”, but the conventionally progressive society took on the role of new storm troopers, with the help of which the same state is super effective in combating dissent.

The modern Western world is taking shape in the New Ethical Reich with its own ideology - “new ethics”. National Socialism in the Past. This is ethical socialism. Queer socialism. Siemens, Boss and Volkswagen turned into Google, Apple and Facebook, and the “Nazis” were replaced by a mix of queer activists, fem-fanatics and ecopsychopaths, just as aggressive and just as thirsty for a total reformatting of the world.

Traditional totalitarian regimes suppressed freedom of thought. The new non-traditional totalitarianism has gone further and wants to control emotions. Restricting the freedom of an individual's emotion is a revolutionary concept in the New Ethical Reich.

Feelings and thoughts have always been a private area of a person. He had no right to let go of his hands, but his heart and brain were free. This was the unspoken social contract of European civilization, which understood man as a vessel of emotions and ideas, where hatred is another side of love - albeit a difficult and dangerous, but a necessary and important part of the human personality.

In Nazi society, a person began to train like a dog to hate others.

In the New Ethical Reich, a person is trained to love and deprived of the right to freely hate.

You can no longer say "I do not like ...", "I do not like ...", "I am afraid ...". You have to correlate your emotions with public opinion and social values.

And social values have become the new Wailing Wall, where every unhappy, offended, or simply dishonest individual can not only bring a note, but also demand from the new God - the Progressive Society - to add his resentment, drama, fear or illness to the list of the new ethical UNESCO, giving it socially significant status, the allocation of a budget for it and the creation of a special quota in all spheres of public life. And anyone who says that offense is not worth a damn, the disease is curable, and personal drama is an intimate question, will become a victim of a powerful repressive machine - that very public opinion.

Sexual counter-revolution

The new Reich declared war on death. War to human nature, in which wilting and death are part of an incomprehensible divine plan. The pursuit of eternal youth has become an internal idefix of the new Western society.

And the reason is obvious: death is unpredictable and divine. And queer socialists, like the national socialists, like the communists, do not recognize any other power over themselves than the power of their Idea. Idea and Razio are their God. Or they are Gods themselves and consider man not as a secret, but as an object of experiment, meat. The war against death is a war against the mystery of being. A senseless and stupid war against eternity.

But where there is a war against death as a divine given, as a mystical outcome, a war against life is inevitable. For life is as unpredictable as death. Just as incomprehensible. This means that it is uncontrollable and dangerous.

Europe quickly went from the sexual revolution, which became the new European post-Nazi renaissance, to an all-out struggle with the energy of sex - the most vital, emotional and uncontrollable part of human existence.

For sex is freedom. Sex is a danger. Sex is an animal in man. But most importantly, sex is the birth of Life.

Christianity gave sacredness to the sexual act. Divinity and beauty. Erotica was a piece of art. Desire is a manifestation of inspiration. Sex is the sacred pleasure of Love. Birth is a miracle.

The new Reich considers sex to be a production and the genitals as a tool. And in accordance with the precepts of the socialists of the past and within the framework of the new queer socialism, it socializes the instruments of production and redistributes them, while the production itself optimizes and puts under state social control, making gender irrelevant.

The burnt-out Notre Dame in Paris is not a sign of the fall of Christian Europe under the pressure of Muslim. But a strange and mystical sign of the war of the New Reich with the sacred secret of life and death, revealed in the Cross.

Borders and a new race theory

The transboundary nature of society, globalization is part of the creation of a new totalitarian empire. In the old days, a dissident had the opportunity to leave his society and find a new one.

Borders insured the freedom of the individual: the diversity of ethical and value systems created an opportunity for a person to find his own - or one that would accept him as much as possible, or simply not interfere with life - an environment of habitation and realization.

The new ethical empire longs for expansion and unification of societies. Thus, a new global village is created, where the dissenting person cannot hide from the guardians of ethical purity.

Ethical purity has replaced racial purity. And today in the West it is not the shape of the nose and national identity that is examined under the microscope, but the ethical past of every successful individual: is there, in the depths of decades, some at least small but harassment, abuse, or just a statement that does not correspond to the new value system. And if there is, fall on your knees and repent.

The Europe They Lost

The revolution isolated Russia from the West for almost a century. Freed from Bolshevism, Russia in the 90s of the last century rushed to Europe. Russia sought acceptance, tried to study, dreamed of regaining the status of a European country. And to regain European values. The values of beautiful pre-war Europe. Europe, which was not afraid of a complex person in all its diversity. Respected his freedom to love and hate.

Europe, which understood that nature created man precisely as a complex, contradictory and dramatic creature, and did not consider herself entitled to interfere with a higher plan. Europe, for which the main value of a person was his individuality, expressed not in how a person has sex, but in how he thinks and creates. And the creativity itself consisted in the creation of pictures, music, texts, and not in reshaping one's own body and inventing new gender definitions.

Russia was looking for such a Europe through the 90s. She herself dreamed of becoming.

Is it necessary today to try to find allies where they do not exist?

Europe - an abandoned and plundered cherry orchard. The Firs are hiding from the crowds of migrants, the Ranevskys are sniffing cocaine for the remains of their health, Petya Trofimov writes Euro-laws, Anya realized that she is a queer person, and the surviving Gayevs, who are old man Biden, mumble their usual words about kindness and justice.

Modern Russia is certainly far from the Europe it was striving for. But she obviously does not want to go to the new European freak show.

Our progressives and Westernizers insist: Russia was and is a country of guards and slaves. This is largely true. But it is also true that long years of life in conditions of lack of freedom, the camp fear, snitching, and also silence and violence as ways of survival and ways of protecting the people from power and power from the people - all this requires not revolutions, but patience and therapy. Lancelot's drama is that he didn't really love either Elsa or those he was trying to save.

I detest the spirit of violence and the atmosphere of fear. But this does not mean that I will accept the transformation of the country of guards and slaves into a country where they knock not from fear, but from the heart, they are poisoned not from denseness, but from enlightenment, where multi-colored (including white) Shvonders from BLM enter houses and require professorship sit on one knee, share living space and donate money to help the starving Floyds.

Russia went through all this in the 17th. Feminitives, and other abuse of language, and an attempt to free oneself from gender or cultural identity, and meetings with discussions of moral character, and the massive demands of workers, and even children betraying their parents - this happened recently in the United States, when a democratic girl gave up their parents, the Trump police, after learning that they participated in the protests and the storming of the Capitol. It was all there. And how amazing it is to see the Western world, as if Vera Pavlovna is dreaming for the first time with sweet dreams, and how strange it is to observe the burning eyes and naive speeches of the new Russian commoners, who are conducting moral terror against dissenting people no worse than street riot police.

And there are many who disagree, and these are not at all "dense" orthodox. They are modern, cheerful and free people, educated and successful, open to new things, loving life in all its diversity. Russians, Europeans, Americans, secretly dreaming that these strange and dark times will pass. They are afraid to vote. They are afraid to become targets of network bullying in Russia. To be subjected to moral terror, to lose jobs and funding in the West.

They need support like air. It is necessary that their feelings and thoughts were formalized into a word, and the word was supported by will and organization. This means that it is time to clearly and distinctly formulate a new right-wing ideology, an ideology beyond radical orthodoxy, but strictly and irreconcilably defending the values of a complex world based on a complex person.

Russian raznochintsy tell us: Russia is at the tail of progress.


Thanks to a coincidence, we found ourselves in the tail of a crazy train, rushing into Bosch's hell, where we will be greeted by multicultural, gender-neutral devils.

You just need to unhook this carriage, cross yourself and start building your own world. Rebuild our good old Europe. The Europe we dreamed of. The Europe they have lost. Europe of a healthy person".

The entire manifesto of Konstantin Bogomolov can be read here.