Posted 11 февраля 2021,, 09:43

Published 11 февраля 2021,, 09:43

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

FAS opened another case on Tele2 due to the increase in tariffs in the new year

FAS opened another case on Tele2 due to the increase in tariffs in the new year

11 февраля 2021, 09:43
The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia opened another case on violation of the antimonopoly law against Tele2 due to the operator's raising tariffs for subscribers from January 1, 2021. Tele2 has increased prices by 13%.

The service noted that they initiated an inspection of the operator after numerous complaints about the increase in tariffs from subscribers. The department believes that the unjustified increase in tariffs, when there is no technological, economic or any other justification for this, "infringes on the interests of consumers".

The company itself commented to Interfax that the increase was caused by increased investment in the development of the network. It was necessary to update the networks with increased traffic during the epidemic, they explained there. The company added that the prices were changed to a number of archived rates. Prices for these tariffs have never been raised before. At the same time, the growth amounted to an average of 20 rubles. The company itself notified the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the planned increase in prices in Tele2 in advance of the increase, and also provided economic justifications why it is necessary right now.

The war between FAS and Tele2 has been going on since last year. In 2020, the department twice demanded that the operator cancel the price increase for a number of archived tariffs, but the company did not do this. Then the FAS issued an order that obliges Tele2 to cancel the price increase. The company itself explained that prices were raised by only 10%, and then for tariffs, prices for which have not increased since 2018. The company is challenging the FAS order in court.