Posted 11 февраля 2021, 10:22

Published 11 февраля 2021, 10:22

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Photo of the day: The work "Optimist at 96" by a photographer from Adygea was awarded at a world competition

11 февраля 2021, 10:22
The work of Oleg Konstantinov, a photo artist from Adygea, was marked by the experts of the prestigious photo competition "The World in 2020".

On February 10, the International Federation of Photographic Art, FIAP, published the results of the photo competition "The World in 2020", timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the organization. In total, 5618 works from 1487 authors from 81 countries were submitted to the competition.

Of these, 395 works for participation in the competition were selected by 293 authors from 47 countries and received acceptance. 10 photographs were awarded.

Five works by four Russian authors were included in the competition program, among them - “Optimist at 96” by a photo artist from Adygea Oleg Konstantinov.

“The picture shows a participant in the storming of Berlin, Valentin Denisovich Zhukov, who is 96 doing exercises. The picture was taken on May 5, 2020", - explained the photographer of the Maikop photo club" Attraction, - I think that he remains an example of optimism for all of us".

The awards ceremony for the winners of the photo competition will take place on April 24, 2021.

A gallery of works by laureates and participants of the competition, as well as a FIAP video clip about its results, can be viewed here and here.