Posted 11 февраля 2021,, 18:19

Published 11 февраля 2021,, 18:19

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Scientists have proposed a model of the universe in which our world communicates with the antiworld

Scientists have proposed a model of the universe in which our world communicates with the antiworld

11 февраля 2021, 18:19
According to physicists, our universe has a mirror copy, in which time goes backwards.

The online publication Popular Mechanics recalls the words of the great physicist Stephen Hawking, said by him shortly before his death: "There is nothing in the world south of the South Pole - just as there was nothing before the Big Bang".

At the same time, physicists do not have an unambiguous answer to the question of whether this is really so. Some are convinced that "on the other side" of the Big Bang there is a kind of mirror Universe in which time goes in the opposite direction.

Such a universe was modeled by physicists Tim A. Koslowski, Flavio Mercati and David Sloan. In their reasoning, they started from the existence of many different antiparticles - antineutrinos, antiprotons, antihelium... Therefore, it would be natural to ask the question: if the Universe consisted mainly of antimatter, how would it all look. Not only stars and planets, but also living matter?

This is how the concept of a "mirror world" was developed, in which all particles behave like their own mirror copies of themselves. For an experiment that proved that in such conditions the laws of the familiar universe do not work, scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1964.

And here another natural question arises: how does time behave under these conditions, after all, Einstein's theory of relativity, which has not been canceled by anyone, operates for all models of the universe? The new model also does not refute it, since it introduces the concept of "Janus point", in honor of the two-faced Roman deity. It is not known what it is and whether it actually exists in the physical sense, but according to the assumption of physicists, when rewinding time, the Universe will first merge into a two-dimensional "pancake", and therefore will unfold again into a three-dimensional, but mirrored structure.

Experts believe that this hypothesis is important for the development of quantum technologies, since it makes it clear where antimatter appears in the Universe and what happens to it next.