Posted 15 февраля 2021,, 13:28

Published 15 февраля 2021,, 13:28

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About ten generals resigned from Rosgvardia

About ten generals resigned from Rosgvardia

15 февраля 2021, 13:28
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The dismissal of about ten generals from the ranks of the Rosgvardia over the past two months was reported by the Kommersant newspaper, citing its sources. The department itself refused to comment on the material about the dismissal.

According to the interlocutors of the Kommersant newspaper, the head of the main operational department of the department, Lieutenant General Nikolai Kosyachenko, the head of the intelligence department, Lieutenant General Kazimir Botashev, the head of the main organizational and mobilization department, Lieutenant General Pavel Bobkov, the head of the main communications department, Lieutenant General, wanted to resign from the Russian Guard. Alexey Belyakov, head of the main department for work with personnel, Lieutenant-General Nikolay Ryabchikov, head of the procurement department, Colonel Alexander Yelin, head of the financial and economic department, Lieutenant-General Vyacheslav Savkin, head of the contractual and legal department, Major-General Alexander Shkolnikov and head of the military Orchestral Service Colonel Vladimir Vasyak.

The Rosgvardia only replied that "the personnel decisions on appointments and dismissals of this level are made by the President of Russia". According to the newspaper, some of the layoffs have already taken place, on others the decision has not yet been made, but all reshuffles will be formalized either as retirements or as a merger of structures within the department, the National News Service notes.

Kommersant connects these generals with the former Deputy Director of the Russian Guard for Logistics, Lieutenant General Sergey Mileiko, who is currently in charge of the criminal case, and Sergey Melikov, the current interim head of Dagestan, who until October 2020 was the first deputy head of the Rosgvardia. Retired generals can now join Sergey Melikov's team in his current position. In particular, Major General Boris Gontsov, a longtime colleague of Sergey Melikov, has already become the mayor of Kaspiysk; he resigned from the post of first deputy commander of the Eastern District of the Russian Guard.