Posted 15 февраля 2021,, 14:00

Published 15 февраля 2021,, 14:00

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Medical aidman fired from coronavirus hospital after participation in flashlight action

Medical aidman fired from coronavirus hospital after participation in flashlight action

15 февраля 2021, 14:00
One of the hospital attendants, equipped at the Krylatskoye ice palace in Moscow for the treatment of coronavirus patients, published yesterday, February 14, a photo with a flashlight on on a mobile phone. After that, he said, he lost his job in a matter of hours.

On February 14, one of his closest supporters, Leonid Volkov, urged one of his closest supporters, Leonid Volkov, to go out into the courtyards of their homes and turn on the flashlights as a sign of support for political prisoners in general and for the opposition politician Alexei Navalny in jail.

According to an employee of the hospital, Saidanvar Sulaimonov, he worked as an orderly at a hospital in Krylatskoye since December 2020, reports the Meduza publication. "During this time, I made a bunch of friends among the medical staff. Among doctors, nurses, orderlies and administrators. We were a big and loving family at the reception center", - he wrote on his Twitter. On December 14, 2021, the "Love is stronger than fear" campaign was announced. Since I work in the "red zone", I didn't have the opportunity to go outside and take a picture. I decided to do it inside the hospital".

An orderly took a photo in a protective suit in the "red zone" and posted it on Twitter. And after half an hour he was informed about the necessity to visit the head nurse. Today, February 15, he was informed of his dismissal in the morning. "The decision was made by senior managers, - wrote the orderly. - Since I worked for a company that cooperates with the hospital, the dismissal was quiet and calm. They asked to take all things from the locker and asked for the keys to the locker room back".

According to the orderly, he worked unofficially in the coronavirus hospital, but he was promised to be paid for the hours worked. If so, then it turns out that people are working in coronavirus hospitals without concluding contracts in violation of labor laws. Naturally, in the event of any conflict situations, such employees become the most vulnerable category.

The head physician of the Moscow hospital No. 67, to which the covid hospital in Krylatskoye belongs, Andrey Shkoda told the Podyom newspaper that the clinic was not involved in the incident: “We do not have such an employee on our staff. We are not in labor relations with him. the employer he works for".

“Now many will discover the magical world of outstaffing in Russia, which works either without contracts at all and any employee can be kicked out in five minutes, or with contracts for the self-employed,” wrote one of the commentators. “This is how almost all cleaners, orderlies, couriers work. and others and not only in hospitals . This is an industry where people are kicked out in packs for any nonsense. Up to reasons such as that the customer thinks that you are walking slowly, that you do not look or smell like that".