Posted 16 февраля 2021,, 08:40

Published 16 февраля 2021,, 08:40

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

The trial of Alexey Navalny on the libel against a veteran: day three

The trial of Alexey Navalny on the libel against a veteran: day three

16 февраля 2021, 08:40
In the Babushkinsky court, the third day of the trial of Alexey Navalny in the case of libel against veteran Ignat Artyomenko, one of the participants in the RT video in support of the amendments to the Constitution, is taking place.

The third round started out of the blue. Prosecutor Frolova demanded to separate from the case materials that indicate that Navalny insulted the judge and turned them over to the Investigative Committee. Observers immediately announced that this was essentially a new criminal case against the politician.

However, what exactly Navalny's statements offended the judge, Frolova did not specify.

“Insults from my side? I was the sweetest defendant in the world. In the context of everything, all that was said was compliments to the judge and the prosecutor. If there were any insults there, tell me which ones”, - the Kontaranov Telegram channel quotes Navalny's objections.

After that, the judge went to the deliberation room, and Navalny began to study a whole stack of papers - printouts of news on his case and protests.

Lawyer Kobzev was able to convey to Navalny "huge fiery greetings" from the special detention center from the editor-in-chief of Mediazona Sergey Smirnov.

“Brave new world, you can send greetings from the detention center. Thanks to it”, - Navalny replied.

Soon the judge returned and said that the prosecutor's petition was premature, but it would be taken into account when drawing up a decision on the case of insulting a veteran.

Further, in the course of the debate of the parties, Prosecutor Frolova makes a very emotional speech.

“Everything that happened during the investigation made me remember simple human values. This is what is always ahead of the Russians. This is honor and dignity. The defendant forgot about this. I confess that it made my job easier, and I will take advantage of it”, - says Frolova.

The prosecutor calls the arguments of the defense about falsification of materials "conjectures".

The lawyers' argument that Navalny could not slander a person whom he never knew personally, the prosecutor calls untenable, because in the video all the participants had their names.

“The defendant did not realize the crime of his actions. Moreover, his criminal activity is systematic”, - continues Frolova. In this regard, the prosecutor recalled the case of the deputy Alexey Lisovenko, who in 2014 won a libel case against Navalny (this was a tweet by a blogger who called the deputy a "drug addict"). So this time, according to the prosecutor, the linguistic examination shows all the signs of slander against a deserved person.

As a result, the prosecutor demands that Alexey Navalny be fined 950 thousand rubles.