Posted 17 февраля 2021, 13:46

Published 17 февраля 2021, 13:46

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The head of the Irkutsk SIZO-1 was fired after being checked by the FSIN

17 февраля 2021, 13:46
The head of the pre-trial detention center No. 1 of Irkutsk was dismissed for negative reasons. The reason for his removal from office was "numerous shortcomings in the work of the unit, identified by the FSIN (Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia) commission", - the service said.

It's worth reminding that the FSIN commission has been working in the region since February 18. She reviews the organization of human rights work in prisons. The members of the commission have already revealed the facts of illegal actions of some employees of SIZO-1 and IK-6 and illegal actions by prisoners. Based on the results of the inspection, criminal cases were initiated on the use of violence, including sexual violence, against convicts.

The heads of both institutions were suspended from work during the inspection. The FSIN (Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia) clarifies that we are talking about acting. Deputy Head of SIZO-1 (detention centre), Head of the Operations Department of SIZO-1 and Deputy Head of IK-6.

Information about the unfavorable situation in the penitentiary system of the Irkutsk region comes quite often. For example, in April 2020, an inmate of colony No. 15 (IK-15) in the city of Angarsk, Humayd Khaidayev, told his lawyer that after the riot he was beaten by special forces and held in handcuffs for four days. "In 23 years of work in the legal profession, I have not seen this, there is no living space on it, it is all blue. The big toe of the left foot is broken, on the right foot, according to him, gangrene is already beginning. The index finger on the right hand is broken, the hand is blue", - said the lawyer.