Posted 18 февраля 2021,, 10:29

Published 18 февраля 2021,, 10:29

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"You mustn't hog the blanket over yourself": Menshova told why she left Galkin's program

"You mustn't hog the blanket over yourself": Menshova told why she left Galkin's program

18 февраля 2021, 10:29
Фото: инстаграм Юлии Меньшовой
Yulia Menshova revealed the reasons for her departure from the program "Segodnya vecherom" ( "Tonight"): the editors did not allow her to open up, and Maxim Galkin pulled the attention of the audience to himself.

For two years Menshova, together with Galkin, hosted the program "Tonight" on Channel One. From the outside, their duet seemed quite harmonious, so the recent disappearance of the TV presenter from the frame was considered temporary. However, as Menshova admitted in the release of the YouTube channel "Strelets-molodets", she left the program voluntarily and forever.

She was forced to take such a step because of the disagreements with the editors of the project, and not at all by a conflict with the co-host: “I have an excellent relationships with Maxim. We are very different, but I have great respect for him. He is an extremely well-mannered, educated person. Another thing is that the environment of the pop show business completely differs from the cinema's... The editors didn't like me, they cut me off quite often. It turned out that Maxim was talking, but I was silent. This created the legend that we had a bad relationship, which we didn't. He never worked in tandem, and I didn't as well".

According to Menshova, her co-host, unwillingly, played along with the editors: “Unlike him, I am a person of theatrical training, and there you cannot pull the blanket over yourself and break away from the team... And people working on the stage are imprisoned to be the only ones on scene, so in Maxim it often worked out due to the habit".