Posted 25 февраля 2021,, 12:59

Published 25 февраля 2021,, 12:59

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Personal experience: how I managed to withstand 5 hours of humiliation and threats at the police station

Personal experience: how I managed to withstand 5 hours of humiliation and threats at the police station

25 февраля 2021, 12:59
The main thing that can help you to endure bullying and humiliation by law enforcement officials is self-control.
Moscow region

"Scary. But you must live...", - this is how the Muscovite Olga Yelanskaya called her post, who was mistakenly detained and abused by police officers for several hours:

“Three days ago I was taken off the St. Petersburg train by the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department and charged with “a grave criminal offense”, in handcuffs!!! They were dragged into the subway and then taken to their department. No identification marks on clothes, no calls, no explanation of what I was accused of for 2 hours! During these two hours, these operatives with the appearance of bandits, with gold chains on their hands 2 cm thick, only shouted and humiliated me like the last sh**, as if an hour ago I dismembered their employee or even worse. Then they explained that this is their method so that they quickly confess to something. No apology was proposed. I will not savor the details here, not about this post.

As a result, it turned out that some scammers had started a QIWI wallet on my passport, to which large amounts of money were dropped from hacked bank cards. But in the end they said that it was a mistake ...

After 5 hours of humiliation, they released me.

And the post is about the following: what can help you and helped me a lot in this situation.

The first

Do you think I'll write that first of all you should have a lawyer's phone in your pocket? Not. You may not need it. With working methods like this, you could die on the spot. I am not kidding. Stroke, heart attack, delayed effects of severe stress - all this can be. The first thing that saved me was my breathing.

1. Full, very slow breathing.

This will allow you not to start hysterics, maintain your composure and even burst out laughing a couple of times.

2. Holding the breath while exhaling. I held my breath for a long time, holding my pulse. At this time, I could not speak and thank God. In general, we managed to avoid a hypertensive crisis. He will catch up with me, of course, later, because she has not burst into tears yet. But in any case, I was on my feet and in the strength and did not give this .... to feel the sweet thrill of humiliation to the end, and they were reveling in that.


Just don't laugh please - meditation.

The first minutes, when they put handcuffs on me, Evgenia Ginzburg, Ivan Denisovich and the GULAG ran before my eyes, and for some reason the clearest thought was "at least they didn't beat me in the teeth." But she did not allow herself to be drawn into this state.

I imagined that I was giving them the body to be torn apart, and I myself rose higher to watch this performance. This was the best solution and allowed me to maintain my sobriety and composure. It saved me most of all in the office of their chief. The behavior of this rude, impudent, red-cheeked man, and even to the music of the disco of the 80s, which shouted from his receiver, was at the same time horrible and comical, I realized that I had to somehow get myself together, you could expect anything... For some reason, only here my unconscious has determined the name of the whole performance. It was not just a theater of the absurd, it was a clown circus with a big top, which I immediately voiced. What I heard and what was done in response will be omitted.

But interestingly, this was a watershed moment. The balance of power in the office was redistributed and even after some time I was allowed to sit down, though with the words: "Sit down, sit down, you still sit for a long time...". And only here a specialist was invited to explain the essence of the matter.

In general, friends, learn methods of self-help in crisis situations! You may need it at any unexpected moment. For they believe that we should all be imprisoned! I understood this from the phrases “Have you never been here?!”, “Don't you watch TV?!”, “Don't you know how to behave here?!!!”

What am I feeling now?

Scary. And it will be scary for a long time.

There is no anger and desire for revenge. Getting angry with these mentally ill people is like getting angry with a baby who crap... This is their natural state.

And the strongest feeling now is the concern for people who find themselves in such a situation and may not stand it..."