Posted 26 февраля 2021,, 07:08

Published 26 февраля 2021,, 07:08

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Aeroflot offered to change the conditions of the flight without the consent of the passenger

Aeroflot offered to change the conditions of the flight without the consent of the passenger

26 февраля 2021, 07:08
Aeroflot Airlines sent a letter to the Association of Air Transport Operators with a proposal to introduce a new tariff in the Russian Federation, under which the carrier will have the right to independently change the travel conditions without the passenger's consent.

This is reported by Vedomosti, referring to the document.

In particular, Aeroflot considered that it was necessary to allow companies to transfer passengers to another flight - earlier or later, change a direct flight to a connecting flight, change the class of service. And all this is unilateral. Compensation is expected, but not on every occasion. Thus, Aeroflot believes that it is possible to leave the passenger without compensation if the notification about the impossibility of providing him with a seat on the flight arrived two weeks before the scheduled departure. The maximum amount of compensation is supposed to be 30 thousand rubles.

Aeroflot assures that the proposed changes will reduce the average ticket price, albeit by only 2%.

According to the President of the Association of Air Transport Operators Vladimir Tasun, the initiative will be considered, but only after the opinions of all airlines are collected.

The All-Russian Association of Passengers explained what is actually hidden behind Aeroflot's proposal.

"In fact, this is a veiled legalization of overbooking - when a company sells more tickets than seats in the cabin. On average, airlines sell 110% of air tickets for each flight. According to the statistics of a number of carriers, about 10% of passengers do not appear on the flight. But when everyone comes, a conflict arises, you need to convince someone to postpone the flight", - said the chairman of the association Ilya Zotov.

Andrey Kramarenko, an expert at the Center for Infrastructure Projects at the Higher School of Economics, is also convinced that the draft law proposes to institutionalize overbooking.

Let us remind you that earlier the Passenger Union assessed as "unfair" Aeroflot's proposal to reduce the amount of baggage carried free of charge. The giant airline offered to cut free baggage by 20%. The Ministry of Transport considered that the issues of amending the FAP should be worked out additionally, and the opinion of all parties to the market should be taken into account.