Posted 1 марта 2021,, 11:14

Published 1 марта 2021,, 11:14

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Like a lioness! The writer Tolstaya defended her son Artemy Lebedev

Like a lioness! The writer Tolstaya defended her son Artemy Lebedev

1 марта 2021, 11:14
Social networks were outraged by the fake of the famous blogger Artemy Lebedev, and by the way his mother, the writer Tatyana Tolstaya defends her son from the wife of Alexey Navalny.

This scandal has been going on for several days, and it began with the fact that at the end of February the famous Russian designer, businessman and blogger Artemy Lebedev published on his channel a photo of Yulia Navalnaya's identity card with German citizenship:

“It turns out that Yulia Navalny has German citizenship. Fantastic!"

Literally immediately it became clear that this was a fake, and the photo of Yulia was taken from the Afisha magazine in 2014, and thousands of accusations of dishonesty, meanness, “corruption to the authorities” fell on Lebedev, so he was forced to add in his post: “This is a fake. The fact is verified".

And a little later, the designer publicly asked for forgiveness from Navalnaya, including:

“Though I am a troll, but a man of honor. Publishing fakes, distorting facts, populist bullshit are not my polemical methods... Zaya (bunny wabbit - editor's note), I apologize to you. Your attention and opinion is especially important to me..."

However, it was not so, the wife of the oppositionist did not accept Lebedev's apology, answering him in her blog:

“You apologize not because you are a man of honor (this is some kind of oxymoron, where is honor, and where is Artemy Lebedev), but because you are a coward, and your heart is shaking, because you publish fake documents, you may be held to answer... Do not flatter yourself, you have no honor and did not have it".

It would seem that the conflict has been settled, but no: Lebedev was defended by the "heavy artillery" in the person of his mother - the famous writer and journalist Tatyana Tolstoy, who dedicated several posts of a very original content to the persecutors of her son: there were practically no words from Tolstaya herself, but only the poems of the famous Russian poet of the 19th century, Peter Vyazemsky. The only thing the writer allowed herself was to call Lebedev's critics "unicellular":

"Well, so that the brains of unicellular organisms are completely skewed, - a beautiful, clean, classical solo by Vyazemsky..."

Here are a few lines from the poet's poems to make Tolstoy's frankly snobbish pathos understandable:

"Under the malice of the note to the differences and to the family

Bile with the ailment of envy hides at an hour -

And what they pass off as proud freedom

There is often hatred for someone above us.

There is an ancient enmity: to carriages - a pedestrian,

Lazy poverty - to rich work,

To Baron Stieglitz of one who is without income,

Or the accused to a legal trial.


Listen - our century is the century of freedom,

But in essence, look deeper:

Free thoughts of the groom

Eastern despots are akin.


I will say with a sad mind:

I don't see a big difference

Between the liberal servitude

And every other corvee..."

These publications provoked a violent reaction from Tolstaya's readers:

- Like a lioness! Your posts are a good illustration of the saying about the apple and the apple tree!

- One thing is not clear: how you, you - a wonderful writer, a representative of the great Russian intelligentsia, could such a son be formed... I mean Artemy!

However, not everyone agreed with the thesis of the "Russian intelligentsia". Some users reminded Tolstaya about the fate of her grandfather, the writer, author of "The Adventures of Buratino", "Aelita", "Walking through the agony" and "Peter the Great" Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy, who, as it's known, openly collaborated with the Stalinist regime, which, as literary scholars rightly believe, ruined his outstanding writing talent. Bloggers accused both Tolstaya and her son Lebedev of exactly the same hereditary collaboration.

But network analyst Yegor Sedov spoke more precisely than others:

If a mother rushes to protect her son under any circumstances, this is a common thing. Not the best, but common. If she defends him with quotes from not the, frankly, famous poet of the 19th century, then it becomes amusing.

But there is an additional shame in this story. And additionally (on top of everything else) it's not she who should be ashamed. But her sonnyboy. Who feels good in his 40s, but the mom protects him.

Well, and separately - the use of the term "unicellular" in relation to the opponents. She used it in vain. The unicellulars are quite capable of forcing a multicellular to embark on adventures that a multicellular certainly never dreamed of. I do not take any very extreme cases, but unicellular organisms are even very capable of sending a multicellular one to a common place for a long time.

So, gentlemen and ladies who are more into humanities, be careful with biology!

A person is a person, so that the "level of biology" does not limit him. One single phrase could have caused a wave of sympathy yesterday - and perhaps once and for all put an end to this unhealthy fake news mongery. Something like this: "I am very sorry. Today I am very ashamed - not for myself, for my son..." By the way, if you think about it deeper, this would be his real protection..."