Posted 1 марта 2021, 07:19

Published 1 марта 2021, 07:19

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Peter "the dumbest Don" Gotti of the Gambino crime family died in a North Carolina prison at the age of 81

1 марта 2021, 07:19
In the United States, at the age of 81, the leader of the Gambino mafia clan, gangster Peter Arthur Gotti, has died. At the time of his death, he was serving his sentence at Butner Federal Prison. It is reported by BBC News.

Peter was the eldest son of New York scavenger John Joseph Gotti. Peter's brother, John, thought he wasn’t smart enough to be a member of the Mafia, and that was probably why he was called “the dumbest don”. However, after John's death in 2002, Peter was able to lead the clan. Prior to that, he received a disability pension, as he hit his head while working as a garbage man. Also, Peter "moonlight" as a racketeer.

In 1992, John received a life sentence. Evidence against him was given by the gangster Sammy Gravano named Bull, who was John's right hand. After that, Peter ordered the murder of the Bull, for which he ended up in prison. At the same time, in 2002, Peter received a term for extortion, money laundering, "hitting" Steven Seagal, and so on. Then "the dumbest don" got 25 years.

Last year, the lawyer twice requested early release for Peter Arthur due to the health reasons. However, this plea was rejected.