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Published 3 марта 2021,, 12:03

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An invitation to hell: an "artistic" dismemberment is brought to Moscow again

An invitation to hell: an "artistic" dismemberment is brought to Moscow again

3 марта 2021, 12:03
"Azazello asked not to worry and assured that he saw not only naked women, but even women thoroughly without the skin". I remembered these lines from Bulgakov. Because very soon, in nine days, Muscovites will be able to see people without the skin.

Maria Dubinskaya

In the framework of the so-called "exhibition" Body Worlds in the capital will be exhibited in a special way embalmed corpses and individual organs. A great start to spring, memento mori !

Everything in this story is striking, starting from the venue for which VDNKh was elected. That is, the carrion will be exhibited not just anywhere, but on a grand scale - on the main "showcase" of the country, because VDNKh - the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy, is a symbol of pride and glory of our people, a beautiful historical monument.

But times have changed, one of the pavilions will turn, in fact, into a huge morgue. And "intricate": the dead, so, for the sake of fun, at the behest of their dismemberment, the German pathologist Gunther von Hagens, even "play out" whole scenes for the audience.

We are looking at photos from the gallery of the site dedicated to the Moscow version of the project: here is a gentleman with an open chest, trying hard, blowing hard into the saxophone; and here, obviously, the lady, she, exposing all her tendons, froze in the pose of a ballerina, standing on her toe in a real snow-white pointe. How touching, how weird. Apparently, von Hagens dreams, thus, to awaken "good feelings", but for some reason this only causes shock and a gag reflex.

If you study Gunther's "creativity" in more detail on the network (we strongly do not recommend it!), You can find more abruptly plots - for example, sexual intercourse. Coition in all anatomical nuances, so to speak. "Juicy details" by von Hagens.

The feeling that these "pictures from an exhibition" invite you to look into the underworld, or, at least, to visit "Frau Abazhur" - Nazi criminal Ilse Koch, wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald and Majdanek concentration camps.

“What have I just read (and saw in the photo)?” The reader might ask. But all this, alas, is not fiction. This is a real "exhibition" of sick fantasies through and through, an example of "spiritual cannibalism", so to speak; A vivid illustration of what dehumanizing "fruits" are brought to society by the gradual opening of the very "Overton window", about which they began to actively mention in recent years.

And the crack gradually becomes wider, the boundaries of the acceptable move further and further, the soul is damaged more and more.

It became possible to create and expose such things to the public - and not in a highly specialized manner, for medical workers, for example - due to the fact that there is a purposeful accustoming people to the unacceptable, to muck in all its manifestations, to the fact that any abnormality and pathology are henceforth “the new normality ". And in this new formed reality there is no place for such concepts as, say, mockery, desacralization, death of the soul... But there is an unlimited thirst for profit, a desire to ridicule, vulgarize and turn everything and everyone inside out.

Novye Izvestia received an invitation to open this exposition. But Body Worlds is an event from the category of those that you don't just want to attend - but really want it not to take place at all, because what has been seen cannot be "seen". So, in this case, with a clear conscience, I paraphrase the well-known statement: "I have not seen, but I condemn".

From the history of the issue. Body Worlds began its work in 1995 in Tokyo. It was there that she was first presented by its authors - the already mentioned German doctor-pathologist Gunter von Hagens and his wife Angelina Wally, also an anatomist.

“Over the 26 years of its existence, BODY WORLDS has been visited by 51,385,000 people in 35 countries of the world. In total, 223 exhibitions were held during the exposition (in some cities it was held 2-3 times), ”the official press release says.

In it, however, it is modestly silent about the fact that von Hagens, whose "project" is often called a "mobile cemetery", "theater of corpses", etc., in many countries, criminal cases have been opened, and his "exhibition" prohibited.

Moreover, Gunther von Hagens was a witness in a criminal case in Russia, back in 2002. “And just on the subject of the exhibition - for the illegal transfer of 56 bodies and 400 brain components from Novosibirsk to this anatomical theater. The case was then very loud and scandalous, "- specifies .

In the Russian version of the "project" that von Hagens dreamed of bringing to Moscow, it is planned to exhibit more than 100 "plastinates" of human bodies and its individual organs, "giving a complete overview of the stages of human development" (plastination is the author's method of von Hagens, in which bodies it is possible to preserve the cellular structure, as well as the relief of tissues, which allows you to see the smallest details of the exhibits).

Well, here are a few more "touches to the portrait". Gunther von Hagens, who is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, recently dismembered the body of his deceased best friend,and also bequeathed to his wife to dismember himself after death, and then put it as an exhibit in an exhibition.

It is worth recalling that earlier the analogue of von Hagens ' exhibition - “Secrets of the Body. The Universe Within ”(Our Body. The Universe Within Project). This is a project initiated by the educational center The Universe Within Project, the Orlando Science Center and the Foundation for Anatomical Science and Technology in Hong Kong.

However, the exposition was held not with such pomp as now Body Worlds at VDNKh, but in the Vetoshny art center, in 2013, and a year later in Afimall City. By the way, shopping centers, according to the organizers of the exhibition, are a very suitable place for demonstrating artistic dismemberment, this can be judged by the sites that were selected for the project in different countries in different years.

The Sovetsky District Court of Krasnodar fined the organizers of "Body Secrets" for violating the legislation on protecting children from harmful information by 20 thousand rubles.

Visiting "Body Mysteries" in 2013-2014. Muscovites compared it "to an excursion to the morgue." “The dream of a maniac-ripper! In general, we were happy to get out of there. Then my son (14 years old) asked me not to remember this exhibition anymore, ”blogger HNatalyH wrote.

Meanwhile, the website dedicated to the upcoming Body Worlds exhibition in Moscow says : "Tickets are purchased for all adult visitors and children over 3 years old."

And in the section of questions and answers the following is written: “There are many children of different ages among the visitors of the exhibition. However, it is up to the parents to decide how much the exhibition content suits a particular child. For school groups, it is required to book excursions in advance. … The age qualification of the exhibition is 12+ ”.

“According to the creators of Body worlds, the more people learn about the structure of their own body, the more they will have the opportunity to live in harmony with themselves and, therefore, be happy,” this is also from the exhibition website. Hmm, what a different idea people have about harmony and happiness!

"Appeals to morality in this case are useless, here Article 244 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation applies," says Olga Chetverikova, Ph.D. in History, director of the Center for Geopolitics of the Institute for Fundamental and Applied Research, Moscow State University.

Olga Nikolaevna gave the following commentary on this to Novye Izvestia:

“This exhibition is something 'beyond', it is even difficult to comment on all this frank Satanism. Our lawyer will send a complaint to the prosecutor's office, friendly organizations will also send parliamentary inquiries. You can't just leave it like that.

Obviously, this is not a completely normal person, most likely there is some kind of schizophrenia, psychopathy ... Love for corpses, necrophilia ... And all this is made public.

At this exhibition in Moscow, visitors will be "greeted" by the canned corpses of people and animals with their skin removed and their internal organs exposed.

This “procedure”, presented and advertised by the organizers as the latest scientific “achievement”, incredibly useful from the “cognitive” point of view, is actually a difficult and dangerous spectacle for the mental and spiritual health of not only children, but also adults.

Von Hagens' exhibiting of dead bodies promotes the cult of death and the demonic disincarnation of the world, which arose on the verge of modern Western art and pseudo-scientific occultism in the early 2000s. Plasticized male and female dead bodies, imitating sexual intercourse, invariably provided the "exhibition" not only scandalous publicity in all countries, but also litigation in Germany and Italy. So, in Germany, information appeared that the corpses of Chinese prisoners bought at a bargain price were used for mummification, and in Israel one woman even recognized in one of the exhibits the body of her lover, whom she had not seen for many years.

The creator of the "exhibition" himself, Gunther von Hagens, is an admirer of the guru of contemporary Western art, Joseph Beuys, a shaman and a famous black "magician". His photograph from the scandalous action "How to Explain Contemporary Art to a Dead Hare", where he poses with a disfigured face of a "dead man" and a dead hare, strikingly resembles the faces of the corpses of von Hagens himself.

Thus, the so-called "exhibition", which is planned to open in Moscow, is not just some kind of commercial project.

In fact, this is nothing more than a large-scale propaganda of the demonic trend in modern Western culture and the search for new adherents for the "black magic" cult of death, of which Hagens is a fan.

And we must understand this true spiritual content of the "exhibition", so as not to become like that dead hare, "to whom they explain what contemporary art is.

Appeals to morality in this case are useless, here Article 244 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation applies: Desecration of the bodies of the dead or destruction, damage or desecration of burial sites, grave structures or cemetery buildings intended for ceremonies in connection with the burial of the dead or their commemoration, except for cases provided for in Article 243.4 of this Code - (as amended by Federal Law No. 112-FZ of 07.04.2020) (see the text in the previous edition) shall be punished with a fine of up to forty thousand rubles or in the amount of the wages or other income of the convicted person for the period up to three months, or compulsory labor for up to three hundred and sixty hours, or correctional labor for up to one year, or arrest for up to three months. (as amended by Federal Laws of 08.12.2003 N 162-FZ , of 07.12.2011 N 420-FZ ) (see the text in the previous edition) ".

And here is what the lawyer Elena CHEKAN, assistant to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, permanent expert and speaker of the second working group on education, upbringing and comprehensive development of children of the Public Council under the Presidential Ombudsman for the rights of the child told Novy Izvestia.

“Everyone has the constitutional right to freedom of creativity, but creativity should not harm the health of minors, offend the feelings of believers and allow mockery of the bodies of deceased people.

All exhibits in this exhibition are real human bodies and organs, processed using a special procedure (plastination method).

The human bodies presented at the anatomical exhibition Body Worlds are capable of causing fear and horror in children.

Despite the cognitiveness of the exposition for specialists in the field of medicine, this exhibition can harm the health of minors (the age qualification of the exhibition is defined as 12+), since the exhibits have not only a naturalistic image of human genitals, but they are such that it has signs of an administrative offense, stipulated by Part 1 of Art. 6.17. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, violation of the established requirements for the distribution of information products among children containing information that is harmful to their health and (or) development.

Moreover, the exhibition contains not only scientific information, but also educational (as stated on the official website of Body Worlds ), respectively, this exposition is also subject to the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 No. 436-FZ "On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their health and development ".

The organizers of the exhibition did not distinguish between scientific information and educational and educational information.

In accordance with Art. 6 h. 3 cl. 5 of the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 No. 436-FZ, the classification of information products is carried out in accordance with the requirements of this Federal Law.

According to Art. 5 part 2 clause 7 of the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 No. 436-FZ "On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development", information prohibited for dissemination among children includes information:

... 7) containing information of a pornographic nature.

By virtue of paragraph 8 of Art. 2 of the same Federal Law, the following basic concepts are used:

8) information of a pornographic nature - information presented in the form of naturalistic images or descriptions of human genital organs and (or) sexual intercourse or an action of a sexual nature comparable to sexual intercourse, including such an action performed with respect to an animal.

The exhibition presents samples of real human bodies, including in the form of a naturalistic image of human genitals, which falls under the concept of "information of a pornographic nature" used in the aforementioned Federal Law.

Considering that the exhibition presents samples of real human genital organs, then by virtue of paragraph 7 of part 2 of Art. 5 of the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 No. 436-FZ, the specified information product is prohibited for distribution among children who are recognized as such before reaching the age of eighteen. We will send an appeal to the prosecutor's office. "

Olga YAROSLAVSKAYA, Commissioner for Children's Rights in Moscow, agrees with the above arguments about the harm that the exposition can cause to children:

“Particularly outrageous is the fact that this exhibition is being held in the VDNKh pavilion, which is located next to the Moskvarium, which, as you know, is an educational platform and is actively attended by children.

The age limit for visiting the exhibition is 12+, in our opinion, this is unacceptable, and the marking must be changed to 18+.

In the "Sos!" we have sent all the necessary inquiries to the appropriate authorities. In particular, they asked the Moscow Department of Culture to give a legal assessment of this exhibition and an expert assessment of its necessity, validity and significance, as well as the age qualification. We are waiting for a response from them about labeling. Let, at least, adults with a stable psyche look at it.

We also consider it right that the organizers, at their own expense, provide psychologists and an ambulance on duty at the venue of the exhibition, since this sight can be really dangerous for impressionable people. "

Actress Maria SHUKSHINA also did not remain indifferent to the upcoming exhibition and wrote a post on Instagram :

“The vote on the erection of the monument on Lubyanskaya Square was held and ... turned down…. And you can also ban this misunderstanding, would it be great ?! ... For several months there has been a discussion of amendments to the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation" (regarding the introduction of educational activities), which would protect the fragile minds and souls of young people from the educational activities of the European Union and the United States on the territory of the Russian Federation.

They want to oblige experts from the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Education and Science to issue a license for exhibitions, performances, films, TV programs. Critics of the bill are puzzled by the question of where to get professional experts, isn't this just another exaggeration of bureaucracy and eating up budget money?

With us, any good deed can become overgrown with bureaucracy and embezzlement, alas. But I am with both hands for those amendments that would be aimed at limiting low-grade enlightenment!

May God grant that the State Duma and the authorities adopt reasonable changes in the law, so that such Hagens at our exhibitions, in our theaters, on our TV could cut off the oxygen!".