Posted 3 марта 2021,, 10:19

Published 3 марта 2021,, 10:19

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Question of the Day from Russian Scientists: Is 2021 the Year of Science or the Year of the Fight with Science?

Question of the Day from Russian Scientists: Is 2021 the Year of Science or the Year of the Fight with Science?

3 марта 2021, 10:19
Scientists are outraged by the next decisions of the authorities, destroying domestic science.

As you know, Putin declared 2021 the Year of Science and Technology in December last year. And as if on purpose, as if by the saying “good testicle for Christ's day”, an extraordinary event took place in Russian science, which surprised even the vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation Alexey Khokhlov, who wrote two days ago in his blog:

“I would like to remind you that the RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Research) announced a competition for the best projects of fundamental scientific research (“ a ”competition) on September 30, 2020. According to this announcement, applications for this competition could be submitted from November 25 to March 31, 2021. And today a laconic text appears on the RFBR website:

“In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 12, 2021, the competition for projects of fundamental scientific research (" a ") has been canceled. On the basis of this decision, further acceptance of applications for the competition was terminated. The applications received will remain without consideration.

I'd like to know everyone involved in the creation of such a brilliant illustration of the current state of management of the Russian scientific sphere..."

This event caused a serious scandal in the scientific community. Thus, physicist Andrey Rostovtsev writes:

“I remember well the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, at which the sweating chairman of the board of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research made excuses to the academicians that rumors about the termination of the Foundation's activities were not serious, nonsense and fake. Even then I thought that the end of the wonderful Fund for the support of many Russian scientists was coming to an end. Then there was another meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, at which another official, also sweating and blushing, rubbed the academics that although the RFBR had not been saved, we will definitely keep the most popular competition for the support of scientists. Even then I had no doubt that this was also a lie. I know our state too well. And so it happened... The truth remained, they say, a competition to support research in theology. Well, God bless him..."

And here was theology, science journalist Alexander Panchin explained in his blog, stating that religious fundamentalism defeated fundamental science:

“...For those who are far from the everyday life of science: competition "A" is the most widespread competition for fundamental research by small scientific groups. He somehow supported thousands of scientific teams throughout the country.

But, of course, the government has no money for this. But there is money for theology. 4 million for one "study". And there will be money for a church at Moscow State University, no doubt about it.

It remains to imagine that we will treat the next epidemic not with a modern genetically engineered vaccine, but with prayed water. And a priest will soon be elected president of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

And then the government is surprised that young specialists are leaving the country. And they are trying to prevent this by lessons of patriotism.

And they are surprised that there are many oppositionists among scientists, and they are in a hurry to adopt amendments to the law on education in order to prevent them from shutting their mouths.

It does not even occur to them that the cause of discontent may not be the activities of the Reptilians, the world government and agents of Western influence, but extremely ridiculous decisions, laws and initiatives on the part of the state.

A true patriot must understand that it is science that helps the country's prosperity. Religion leads us back..."

And scientists who are members of the influential Academic Club "1 JULY" published a statement "On the current situation in the field of" science management":

2021: the year of science or the fight against it?

“Spring has come, and with it the spring exacerbation. On the very first day, the authorities made another step towards the destruction of Russian science - the already announced competitions for initiative projects of the RFBR were canceled. Canceled - in spite of the loudly given promises to keep these contests when the RFBR and RSF are merged. Canceled - in the midst of filing applications, when a lot of time and effort has already been spent on them. Canceled - despite numerous appeals from various strata of the scientific community, confirming the need for the existence of just such projects aimed at supporting independently selected research topics and furnished with a minimum of bureaucratic requirements. Canceled - despite the solemnly announced "year of science" and ostentatious pride in its latest achievements.

Apparently, the country's leadership considers the complete disregard of the opinion of the scientific community and the disregard for the work of both individual scientists and entire teams to be an adequate way to mark this "glorious date." The most irritating thing in this vile story is the desire of the authorities to work with scientists in a special operation mode, with unexpected turns, with constant manipulation of facts, lies and disinformation. This is both strange and outrageous - since science in Russia is critical for the existence of the state, it is necessary for the survival and even just for the country's self-identification in the current balance of power. For purely internal reasons, science is the least corrupt of all state structures - and this is primarily due to the preservation of self-government and the institution of personal reputation in it.

The unceasing and bordering on sabotage offensive by the bureaucracy largely reflects the desire to destroy the last strongholds of honor, independence and independent thinking in the country. Instead, officials should say bluntly that fundamental science should not be pursued in Russia, and young scientists should either leave or change the place of their efforts. Science cannot be competitive in conditions of constant humiliation and deception - this was understood by the authorities in the most difficult periods of Russian history. It is strange that they do not understand now. Treating scientists as enemies of the people is shortsighted, destructive, and just plain stupid. Sooner or later, this policy will have to be abandoned - but the later this happens, the lower the starting point for recovery will be.

We are aware that this is a voice crying in the desert, but once again we suggest that the Russian authorities change their minds and change their attitude towards domestic scientists, abandon the dictate of mediocrity and pseudo-scientific crooks, enter into a dialogue with their own scientific community and begin to recreate, not destroy, that environment , in which it can exist and work fruitfully..."