Posted 4 марта 2021,, 12:58

Published 4 марта 2021,, 12:58

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"If I were a girl, and then I would become a mother...": What nonsense children learn for the celebration of March 8

"If I were a girl, and then I would become a mother...": What nonsense children learn for the celebration of March 8

4 марта 2021, 12:58
Russian methodologists recommend a frank poetic hack-work for learning for the festive matinees in kindergartens.

March 8 is approaching, another gender holiday, which began as a manifestation of equality, and has turned into a banal sexist event. Patriarchal Russia stands guard over traditional values and brings up children in them by all means.

Novye Izvestia has already cited the monstrous quality of the verses that the Russian methodologists treated kindergarten pupils to another date - February 23, and now the "female" time has come. The writer Yelena Ivanitskaya gives in her blog samples of poems that make our children and grandchildren learn for holiday mornings:

If I were a girl

And then I would become a mother,

Then the bows for my daughters

I wouldn't get tired of tying".

If I were a girl

And then I would grow old

Then I would become a granny

Who would never growl.

If you were a girl

In a skirt with curly bangs,

If there were no boys

What would happen to you then?

Who would take care of you,

Did the hard work instead of you?

No friends, our way is one:

Of the glorious valiant men!

All women, tenderly loving,

We congratulate together

And always be beautiful

We wish you with a smile!

Who exactly can list the names of the series?

Who knows the secret of the perfect home warmth?

This all is about the grandmothers, about you,

Accept hello from me!

I have a Grandmother,

She bakes pancakes

Knits warm socks

Knows fairy tales and poems.

I love my grandmother

I will give her a postcard

From the heart

In simple words,

Come on friends

Let's talk about mom

And now this badly rhymed rubbish is stuffed with children in kindergartens. As one blogger wrote: "In general, it is high time to do these training manuals under the heading "For official use", and even better "Top secret", so that all liberals do not mock a happy childhood, do not Russophobia..."

It is difficult to protect children from this, but it is possible. Psychotherapist Amina Nazaraliyeva shared her recipe in an interview with journalist Sergey Medvedev:

“On March 8, I will take my three-year-old daughter and take off the noodles from her ears that her grandmother or kindergarten hangs on her about how a girl should be, that she should only play with dolls, be cute and comfortable. You can take some kind of book for very little ones about March 8 and look at it together, tell what rights women have, how a girl differs from boys..."